Challenger Crew hiding in plain site?

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Simon asks:Image

I would like to invite our readers to assess and evaluate for themselves whether or not it is a realistic possibility that (almost) ALL of the purported victims of the 1986 0;Challenger disaster” are still alive and well – by reading the last four pages or so of this thread, starting from here – including this present post, which I submit as a ‘summary’ of sorts. I find this particular line of research quite interesting, insofar that it may help us all understand the mechanisms of ‘psy-op vicsim creation’ – as well as the astonishing boldness (or carelessness / arrogance?) with which they are concocted and carried out. To be sure, out of the many topics debated on Cluesforum, this particular investigation has had (as they always should) its fair share of controversies – even within the ranks of our most trusted contributors; I think that this ‘check-and-balance-methodology’ we keep observing on this forum is all-positive and, in fact, essential to uphold a high level of discourse and objectivity. So thanks to all.

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10 thoughts on “Challenger Crew hiding in plain site?

  1. xileffilex

    I called BS on this dubious, fanciful research some time ago.

    Note the pulled youtube video of Sumstuff52 ** which pulled the wool over our eyes and set off this silly wild goose chase.
    e.g. here

    And now along comes Fetzer interviewee and Apollo hoax researcher Jarrah White of debunk the above “research” – wait for it – to provide support to the real deaths narrative in the Challenger “disaster”.

    We can see how deep the NASA gatekeeping goes.
    Here’s Jarrah’s video…The Challenger crew are NOT still alive. *

    * oh yes they are… somewhere
    ** What happened to Sumstuff52 (SS52)?


    Post by brainwasheffect » Sat Jun 03, 2017 10:46 pm
    One of the most popular concave earther, SS52’s channel had died. I am unsure if he deleted it or if youtube took it down. What happened to him? Does he have another platform? Or did he just disappear? ***
    source Wild Heretic blog
    *** Seems so.

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Good call xillefilex, I’ve wondered about this case on and off for a while. It felt to me as if it was just left hanging, a bit and having been credited with ‘finding’ Sharon McAuliffe, I had to wonder.

      I’m relieved, in retrospect, that I said at the time-
      ” I don’t think it’s her. Interesting character nonetheless, the space teacher Sharon, that is…wherever she is these days ”.
      Although I thought it wasn’t her, such was my reverence for, at the time, Cluesforum , my sense of achievement at possibly being involved in quite a momentous discovery, once Simon then took my tentative suggestion and posted it at Clues, I felt a bit of a thrill, and didn’t challenge it mmm…don’t look again Tom, you might find out the truth…well, the truth looks more like that suggestion of mine, via Simon, helped, embellish a notable piece of NASA disinformation, a ‘minor classic’ of recent years, if you will?! Hah. Certainly a ‘classic’ little lesson for me.

      If this was deliberately planted, as now seems the case, Kudos to Blue Moon at the time for his astute call , and to yourself for actually looking further and questioning the idea. I seem to remember Maat at Cluesforum disagreeing with Simon on it too. It was far from a unanimously agreed-upon expose among some respected voices here and at Cluesforum.

      In retrospect what it does seem to expose to us, is a piece of disinformation being introduced to the internet.

  2. Terran Downvale

    I’m not sure if you’ll be doing a new post on this, AB but today is the 30th anniversary of the Challenger “disaster” and Katie Couric did an interview with the curiously lazy-eyed “widow” of Richard “Dick” Scobee:…

    I’ll add the G+ post I did back in Nov on Scobee’s shenanigans here and on a new post if you do one:…

    One important thing to note about the original Cluesforum post… It appears the poster mistook a photo of Laurel Clark who supposedly died in the 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia “disaster” for Christa McAuliffe from Challenger. I thought they looked different. Although the “older McAuliffe” comparison shot is a better match for Clark. I’ll have to look more into that one.…

    Here’s my post on Scobee with a “crazy connections” diagram (Right-click “View Image” for full size):

    NASA loves to mock us. The duping delight is written all over NASA Lt Richard “Dick” Scobee’s living, breathing, smirking face.

    More on the fake Space Shuttle Challenger disaster here:…

    NASA Lt Dick Scobee:…

    Check out the intro animation for Dick’s current company Cows In Trees:

    Remind you of anything?…

    What a Dick!…

    North American Salt Company (Very funny, Dick):

    EDIT: They think of us as livestock, btw. “Providing for the Healthiest Livestock.” Right there under the cows on the NASA Lt page. They’re keeping us healthily fattened up to slave away in the salt mines and using the spoils to salt us to taste. How thoughtful.

    EDIT 2: I probably should have made it more clear that Francis R. Scobee is Richard Scobee but oh well. Oh, and “Compass Minerals” sounds Masonic to me. Not to mention the triangle bases for those cow sculptures.?

    EDIT 3: I just noticed that the salt at the lower left on the Compass Minerals page looks a lot like the Challenger explosion cloud as well!

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  4. xileffilex

    The McNair family are busy
    How do you pronounce this educational program acronym SAEOPP? [image below] PSY-OP?
    Cheryl also picked up this award in 2011

    AEROSPACE AWARENESS AWARD: Cheryl Moore McNair, Chairman, D.R.E.M.E. Science Literacy Foundation, Seabrook, Texas, in recognition of her exceptional leadership in building national awareness of space exploration’s benefits and challenges, and for her lifetime commitment to aerospace outreach, particularly to those in underserved and underrepresented communities

    It’s an industry. Here’s Carl…

  5. Tom Dalpra

    🙂 :-):-):-):-) :-):-)
    That makes me smile.

    I’ll be jiggered. That’s a corker.
    I was buzzed that Simon had posted my find originally, but my conclusion was that ”Maybe I was going mad”, and it probably wasn’t Sharon Mc Auliffe.

    I’d not really thought about it again.

    I’m now re-buzzed to be a little part of that.

    1. Hoi Polloi

      Yeah! Right on. Well done. Definitely a great “clue” no matter the outcome. Feels great, doesn’t it? Thanks for your help and keep it coming, Tom!


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