Oklahoma City bombing 20th anniversary

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Chris from Oklahoma in stellar form on this call I must listen.

5 frames of footage say that nuclear bombs are a big lie.

Marsall McLuhan,The Nuke Hoax,, The Final Jihad, Martin Keating, The Jesus Factor, Edwin Corley, Assassination, JFK and Lincoln Comparison, Agenda 21, Ethanol, Jay Leno,Cash for Clunkers, Vietnam, Counter Culture Revolution, Stuart Brand, Dallas Goldbug, Government Authority, Sovereign Movement, Magna Carta, Constitution. hoaxbusterscall.com

* Duration: 3:05h, Played: 51:58

* Published: 2015-04-06 8:31:46 PM

* Episode Download Link (64 MB): recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-903…

* Show Notes: recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-903…

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