Humbling words on fakeologist

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If you get referenced on Canada’s self-professed number one morning radio show, without your name or website being mentioned, does it still count?

Start at 1:07:00h and spend some time listening to Humble Howard refer to me (his 0;friend”) and my links to my site and clues regarding the Germanwings plane hoax.


Is reaching out to the mainstream media worth it? If it “starts a conversation” (I dislike that slogan) then I suppose it is.

Also interesting that they discuss it all in context of another police shooting (this one must have been real, they say, as there was video!), without ever questioning the real enemy, the controlled media.

They use humour to avoid talking about , especially when conversing with a mainstream conspiracy gatekeeper / confuser.

Hopefully next time Howard can mention the website so his good listeners can get a chance to evaluate my views for themselves. It’s only fair,  and attribution should always be part of our new media.

Can a popular podcast like theirs ever discuss ?  Would it be like eating its own tenuous lifeline? I say probably not. This is why I would never bother trying to get sponsors or even solicit funds. The information is too perception destroying for most to accept – – for now.

* Show Notes:

* Episode Feed: Humble and Fred Radio –…

I think this is the cop shooting hoax they referred to :

Walter Scott Police Shooting Hoax – The “Smoking …:

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