Boston bombing trial joke

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The trial was in no way a real trial. That doesn’t stop the media from reporting the fiction as fact. Adam and John treat it as fact but joke around about the fictional qualities of the fake trial. All this does is confuse the whole issue of .  Aware of all this, the fictional characters and their silly script is amusing to listen to. Start at 2:36h…

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1 thought on “Boston bombing trial joke

  1. Blue Moon

    Here’s Miles Mathis on the trial- BTW, some courtrooms do allow cameras, though I think they were banned at the time of the OJ trial- There is a sort of ban on them but sort of not, it’s real fuzzy, at least to me- Connecticut allowed them in 2011, a year before Sandy Hook- Though drawings are used in Boston for this trial, Mathis claims here that the Djoker’s hair would not be allowed in a real prison situation- Some prisons have given wiggle room lately on religious grounds,re: beards- Take MM on your own terms-

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