Moon hoax propaganda clip fest

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Cool podcast full of clips.

January 18th 2015 In this episode of the Max Ratt Deconstruction Zone Max breaks down the Moon Landing Hoax.  In part 1 of a series Max takes a look at the Proof.  Max aggregates loads of evidence and explanations clearly showing that presents Fraudulent Records of the Apollo Moon Missions. In his usual […]

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Good clip in here of Bill Cooper saying the weight of the LEM (LM) was, you guessed it, 33 thousand lbs!


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3 thoughts on “Moon hoax propaganda clip fest

  1. Blue Moon

    Chris’ April 6th show had some good insights into the multiple layers of that hoax that help promote the idea president’s have power; that JFK had policies abhorrent to the men behind the curtain and had to be done in; therefore, a president can gain at least temporary control, ipso facto, he must have at least theoretical power- And, after all these years I’ve spent working this hoax, Chris had some new information about a lab in Texas that was known as the Hollywood of Texas- The place sounds like a Lookout Mountain adjunct and where the Z film must have been constructed-

  2. Blue Moon

    I’ve listened to this guy before- It’s a great show concept, even if some of his ideas go off the rails at times (ie, he thinks the limo driver shot JFK)


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