Positive Hell Round Table

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These doctors and researchers are so close to realizing that is the most important weapon in our rulers’ arsenal.  They still think the media is on their side but just ignoring common sense. A good listen.

There’s a good story in this podcast about a doctor who discovered that handwashing was very important before vaginal exams, as many women were dying after visiting their doctors. This doctor was ridiculed and harassed for his views and it was 20 years after his death that his practice of good hygiene became commonplace.

David sat down in London, England with five dissenters from the HIV= orthodoxy just after the screening of Joan Shenton’s new documentary, “Positive Hell”, and the launch of the second edition of her book, “Positively False”. The documentary is about a group of former heroin addicts who discovered, almost 30 years ago, that they were HIV-positive. The group is led by a doctor, a former alcoholic, who is also HIV-positive. All of them have either never taken AIDS drugs or only taken them for

* Duration: 57:47, Played: 57:39

* Published: 2015-02-24 3:00:00 PM

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