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Fakeologist critique

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Everyone’s a critic, but not every writes in.

To whom it may concern (Ab),

Hi, I’ve been listening a few weeks off and on now (appreciate your dedication). Still in the trial phase you might say. Well and here now into Ep. 142 and it’s provoked me to write this note:

I’m starting to lean towards dis-like recognizing the demagoguery as this episode begins. Which I expect from the main-stream when the discussion is about someone like Mr. Fetzer. With the ‘You’re either with us or you’re the enemy’ mentality (mob, tribal, primitive instincts surfacing)…funneling of thoughts. Not too unlike the mainstream’s tactics. Which in the end may have been the most damaging effect on all of us from all the years of fakery swaying upon our poor minds.

If you are on the right tracks, or not, please consider more of a Jesus-like approach in breaking the news or dealing with any adversity, as well as outright avoiding any unnecessary adversity. With more empathy for all genuine seekers and non-seekers alike. If you exhibit or allow intolerance in your group you will only attract those longing for a cult-like experience and only get a subserviant, fear of being ostracized, type of mentally incarcerated individual.

One of your vociferous roundtablers used the label limited hangout in referring to Fetzer’s accomplishments, as if he was an insignificant gatekeeper. So often when one name-calls they are actually doing and saying what others have done to them. Which puts more of a focus on Fakeology as being a limited hangout and gatekeeper than The Real Deal.

I’m neutral for now per Fakeologist. I’ll see and hope for the best. Because the world needs more truth (even earnest attempts at it. I do appreciate your work) in an objective and open minded manner mind you. We are mere whispers in the wind today. We musn’t make the mistake of thinking we’re something we’re not. We’re out numbered! We need people, we do not need to isolate people, people that at least have the guts to question the status quo.

Think about it, you’re so far out there how can you be subjective to your own queries into the unknown? Your in speculation about everything, which is good (in and of itself) but mix that with intolerance and you will head down the same old trail as any other fringe group that became too full of itself.

I don’t use phones really (any more than necessary) but probably wouldn’t anyway per your site–or to be online period. I’m an offliner (off the grid want to be). And there’s something about wireless technology (e.g., cell phones, a computer hooked to the internet) I don’t like. I get on (download and upload) and get off (which may be something you might consider). Go into the shows more focused, get to the points, expose, yet be objective but bring your points, their points, etc. But this not having anything to talk about then picking on Fetzer I can do without. Fetzer is one of the bravest men I know of. It takes guts to go against the factions he’s opposing and you should be more on the same side, or none of us are going to get much of anywhere. Unless you are some kind of controlled chaos–counter to the truth being known. Which I do not think so more than I think so, or I would not be wasting my time writing this.

If 9/11 is the basis of your Fakeology, anyone who thinks 9/11 was some kind of conspiracy should be respected by you (that’s a big step for people). And don’t forget the why is more important than the how anyway, which is something I’ve yet to hear much about on your site, the why. And the repercussions from 9/11 in the Middle East! Get some people on who know what’s been going on over there, x-military or refugees…let us explore how real that is. And then there is the ultimate question: who?

“Who?” is the big one. Who’s behind all this? I find it hard to believe it ends with a banking system of a certain race, religion and creed. Although they are big players, I don’t think the real culprits would be so lax (?!). Jim Marrs gives some interesting theory, as well as David Icke. Myself I’m floored and have no idea. Although, I think this aforementioned group is about as responsible as the Omish are for Las Vegas…Well, maybe a lot more so. Peace–

PS- Overall good show and quite redeemed by unbiasly referencing Fetzer’s Ep. 33, which I can’t wait to research as to who those guys/priests were. And an example of what may to you be a small leap is especially quite a leap for such peoples as priests. In all earnesty and objectivity.

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Fart propulsion talk

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NASA just upped the ante in the “can rockets work in a vacuum?” debate.

First, you hook the children. Nothing captures children’s imaginations like poopie talk.

The more you follow NASA, the more you realise that they are among the biggest propagandists on the planet. Their sci-fi production alone is staggering, filling up the social media pipes to our childrens’ minds.

Their goal is to steal and seal our greatest assets to change, childrens’ minds,  and turn them off forever to figuring out where we live, and how we can imagine new models to what lies underneath and beyond.

Is this not the ultimate child abuse?

Could You Fart Your Way to the Moon? | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios:

Cluesforum.info on the topic:


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Audiochat – April 13, 2015

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Who? Ab solo


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