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  1. saesch1

    Dear Tom Dalpra:
    I used to have a good feeling what the people participation on fakeologist discussions were well meaning, rational and sober truth seekers with scientific minds. The flat earth debate threw me off quite a bit. Not that I have an opinion one way or another, I’m just astonished that no one of you just looks at the most obvious, easily veryfie clue.
    It seem to me like a group hears of rumors on the internet, that their house was not the colour they thought. so they have heated discussions with no end about different theories and models pro and contra with or that color. And no one walks over to the window and looks out at the fassade to start.
    I posted this video over and over to see what Fakeologist is about. If no one has the curiosity to look at things with their own eyes and then make rational conclusions from there, then I can savely dismiss fakeologist as on or more of the followings things: 1. a group of people with cognitive skills overrules by their believes. 2. disinformation/ distraction agents and or compromised.
    your claim that you don’t understand my video is already as good an answer as any. Just in case you actually can’t understand my video: If I can see all of a building from a hight of 8 meters (viewpoint) and I cannot see the lower portions of the same building form 1,5 m meter (viewpoint) that means the surface looks (not necessarily is) curved, It means it looks like I can’t see “over the hill”.

    greetings Saesch

    1. smj

      i don’t know what you’re trying to prove in your video. are you saying that the water from your pond in zurich bends?

      i’m down for whatever-i’m trying to take down the psience of molecular biology right now- so if you can show me that water bends in zurich, i’m game. so please elaborate, bro.

      i’m probably mistaken; but i seem to remember that you claim to have seen the wiley coyote gash in the wtc on 9/11.
      that can’t be you, right?

    1. Tom Dalpra


      I have to ask. What are you trying to show here? You must have posted this video about five times.

      As far as I can tell you got a telescope and looked across a body of water.
      You saw a structure on the far coast-line and you could see the base of it.
      The water appears flat as a pancake.

      No surprise there. That’s what we’d expect to see over 12 km, with that strength of lens and from that height.
      What’s your point?

      Please enlighten me. I’ve probably missed something and I’d rather have a clue for any future re-postings.

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