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    1. Tom Dalpra

      Ah yes, the old, Sandy Hook-was-a-hoax-BUT-the-others-were-real-false-flags, angle. Alex Jones ‘feels the need’ to go there.

      That ‘photoviapop’ youtube channel has also posted some stuff on the Madelaine McCann case from another obvious
      intelligence operation, the ‘alternative ‘ ( old cable style ) TV channel – RICHPLANET.

      Quite some effort that 1 hour 32 minute Dunblane job from our Scottish lady.
      Load of old ‘it-was-a-false-flag’ drivel really. Rather dreek ! I got lost in that kind of shite, for years haha.

      Then the Max Res episode here, entertaining her and the idea:

      It seems a technique doesn’t it? A significant number of people are satisfied by this sort of explanation: ”Sandy Hook was staged but Dunblane was a ‘real’ false flag ? ” Really? Fine, pfff.

      It’s fuel perhaps for the ” not everything is fake” reply we get so often from people when we try and explain certain things .
      I’m constantly frustrated with people who go so far exploring the unknown and then seem to find a kind of mental foothold: ” I’m staying here!”.

      ”Ah, ya pussy”.

      The Sandy Hook school shooting has been well exposed as a joke hoax in the alternative media.
      Dunblane hasn’t been…yet, anyway…
      Being THE only school shooting psyOp in British history, helping to preserve it’s legacy would seem worth a little bit of effort.
      Hence, I s’pose, she pops-up on this quaint little ‘alternative media’ promotional tour for the new video effectively asking: ”Was Sandy Hook based on the real false flag of Dunblane?”

      That they are related is clear. I’d noticed the ”Out of the Darkness into the Light” stained glass memorial in Dunblane. It’s the same theme.
      It’s just that they were both hoaxes.

      I was talking to a young guy on the street the other day, saying how English football was completely fixed.
      He thinks he’s pretty sharp. He’s the one in the gang who ‘knows’ 9/11 was an inside job.
      His reply was ”Nahhh. In America yeh , but not England”.

      It struck me as probably quite a common position.
      ”Yank sport is fixed, but not English. ”
      ”Sandy Hook was fake but, Dunblane? Nah.”

      A common English expression is ”Only in America” when something extraordinary occurs in the States”.

      We’re encouraged at times, to distrust things ‘foreign’ with the ‘knowledge’ that we wouldn’t do it like that. Quite a few people seem happy with that position. This Scottish lady – appeals on ethnic and sexual grounds:
      ”Hey, she’s Scottish AND a woman; why would she lie about Dunblane?”

      But, ultimately, all she’s doing is talking a whole load of dreek old shite, for money.
      I suppose it’s something you could do as a side-line.

      1. xileffilex

        Max has declared the Germanwings crash a hoax, by comparing , partly, the wreckage with “genuine” plane crashes. There can’t be too many of those!
        Only in the US? Plenty of staged events with multiple “deaths” in the UK in the 1970s and 1980s for your friend,Tom…

  1. Tom Dalpra

    Great find, I agree.
    There’s a church in Dunblane with a Memorial to the shootings there.
    It has a stained glass window with a theme called ”Out of the Darkness, into the Light” .

    Gene Rosen would be proud!

    I saw that in this ( same I think) documentary, somewhere, the piano music is there right from the start.
    Tinkle, tinkle, tinkle.


    I can’t help posting this musical interlude and absolute corker of UK psyOp foreshadowing incase someone hasn’t seen it. – It’s The Boomtown Rats video for I Don’t Like Mondays foreshadowing the Dunblane shootings by 17 years in advance, Number One in 30 countries.

  2. xileffilex

    Great find.
    The man portrayed in the Dunblane clip
    his immediate reaction:
    Father of Dunblane victim urges Sandy Hook families to take action on gun control [audio]

    After Dunblane, Dr North traded in his career as a biochemist to become a campaigner for gun control. It was role that “felt right” but came with a cost: he was asked to constantly re-live the day he learned his only child had been murdered.



    10 February 2006

    MICK North sits down in a chair in the middle of a large, cosy room in a town house in the leafy west end of Glasgow. The house belongs to his partner.
    “She’s a private person, ” he says, quietly, “and I’d prefer to keep it that way



    03 December 2014
    DUNBLANE parent Mick North says new plans to licence airguns in Scotland will lead to a cut in the number of attacks and weapons on the streets.

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