Challenger PsyOp purpose

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Seems we’ve shifted a bit from to NASA. That’s easy, since is one of the longest and strongest military operations against free thinkers that there is.

This feedback brings up a good point that I enjoy discussing: what is the point of the psyOp? For me, it’s always fear and money, and testing the gullibility of the masses. It’s always about testing control mechanisms, to fine tune herd management of the future.

The Challenger simulated disaster was one I remember where I was: pulling into the parking lot of a university that I would later quit from, since I really didn’t see the 0;science” in any of my courses. Not sure if this “disaster” had an effect on me, but I’m sure somehow it did. They all do, subconsciously, even if you DO understand fakeology.

Let’s help Jack with his question (keep ’em coming):


I’m thoroughly enjoying what you’ve created here. For those of us with the cognitive ability and the courage to discern reality from manufactured reality, the information you disseminate on your site is greatly appreciated.

A short while back, you posted  research from ‘cluesforum’ on the crew of the spaceshuttle ‘Challanger’, which I found to be especially revealing.
In the case of at least 5 of the so called ‘astronauts,’ the photographic evidence alone is undeniable. When that evidence is added to the mountains of statistical and coicidental impossibilities, the case is closed, in my opinion.

Although It’s not difficult for me to see what should be blatantly obvious to most anybody who’s willing enough to look, I  am somewhat unclear as to the objective of this particular psyop.
Would you or someone else with insite on this matter enlightening me please.

Perhaps this was discussed at some point and I missed it…if so, I apologize.

Warm regards,


Space Shuttle Challenger's smoke plume after t...

Space Shuttle Challenger’s smoke plume after the in-flight breakup that killed all seven crew members. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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6 thoughts on “Challenger PsyOp purpose

  1. Faye

    I think that as far back we can go in history – proven or not – deception is the main programm of the power holders. It is somehow even logic since war is the paradigm of all culture, as we know it, and in war deception it is the most elementary power which was always used to win the wars. I don’t say this just theoretically, but the deception programm in fact creates real things, institutions, jobs, studios (sic)… So it becomes a selfdriven machine which has to continue to produce the conditions of its existence: the deception. I would say to your mother: Once a liar, always a liar, mom!

  2. sami

    The purpose is fairly simple. NASA’s job is to sell us a fake “reality”, designed to make us think that we are insignificant and that this is all random, so that they can control us and keep us from realizing our own destiny and true spirituality.

    1. Carys

      Money at one level maybe. But money is just another mechanism for control, and ultimately meaningless to the cryptocracy. As Sami suggests, the purpose of the NASA game is likely to do with diverting us from what we really are, and the true nature of this fake “reality”. All this control, disinfo and fakery for little, random, “insignificant” us? Awww, thanks guys.

  3. Jack33

    She clearly believed the photographs to be of the same people, only 30 yrs older, but once I revealed to her who they were, her immediate question was, “why would they do that?”
    None of what I said made any sense to her.

    End of conversation.

    Oh well…can’t blame a guy for trying!????


  4. Jack33

    “For me, it’s always fear and money, and testing the gullibility of the masses. It’s always about testing control mechanisms, to fine tune herd management of the future.” -Ab

    While I agree with you wholeheartedly, it’s a hard sell to someone who’s not interested in buying it.

    I was hoping there was something more obvious and simplistic I might have missed…something easier for someone like my mother to wrap her head around. 😉

    Thanks for posting this Ab.



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