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Max’s 4hr 9/11 clipfest

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Long show, worth listening to. Max grabbed many Septemberclues.info clips, without referencing the epic movie. Still, Max does a great job of collating the scripting, lining up the different players of the psyOp side-by-side to make it obvious.

In this Episode Max delivers his Greatest Show. “I’m Max and I believe THIS IS THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE ALL-INCLUSIVE INFO-PACKED INCISIVE AND MOST ACCURATE SHOW AVAILABLE ON THE TOPIC OF 9/11?! Its Audio, so you will NOT be distracted by FAKE Video Fakeryship 🙂 Listen and Learn. This is an Audio Documentary absolutely packed with irrefutable evidence and outright convincing testimonials and analysis. Its a long show… about 4 hours… All No Nonsense… No Magic… Just Intelligent Analysis .. Check it out!

via The Max Ratt News Hour September 11th 2012 Episode 26: THE DEFINITIVE 9/11 | The Max Ratt Deconstruction Zone.


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Ratting out the CFR

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Good broadcast really showing how the CFR is the organization that guides and directs most governments around the world. Destruction and displacement of the middle class is an unfortunate result of globalization.

America’s iconic industrial city, Detroit, and the significance of this reality.  Max explains how the Global Banking Cabal and World Government Criminals are deliberately destroying the economies of American Cities as well as cities, states, and nations Globally. Link to this […]

* Duration: 1:49h

* Published: 2013-08-01 6:59:35 PM

* Episode Download Link (125 MB): maxratt.com/media/dz13.mp3

* Show Notes: maxratt.com/blog/2013/08/the-m…

* Episode Feed: The Max Ratt Deconstruction Zone – maxratt.com/blog/feed/

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