Max’s 4hr 9/11 clipfest

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Long show, worth listening to. Max grabbed many clips, without referencing the epic movie. Still, Max does a great job of collating the scripting, lining up the different players of the side-by-side to make it obvious.

In this Episode Max delivers his Greatest Show. “I’m Max and I believe THIS IS THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE ALL-INCLUSIVE INFO-PACKED INCISIVE AND MOST ACCURATE SHOW AVAILABLE ON THE TOPIC OF ?! Its Audio, so you will NOT be distracted by FAKE Video Fakeryship 🙂 Listen and Learn. This is an Audio Documentary absolutely packed with irrefutable evidence and outright convincing testimonials and analysis. Its a long show… about 4 hours… All No Nonsense… No … Just Intelligent Analysis .. Check it out!

via The Max Ratt News Hour September 11th 2012 Episode 26: THE DEFINITIVE 9/11 | The Max Ratt Deconstruction Zone.


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