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Pablo’s plea

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Not too familiar with Pablo but he gives a passionate plea for 9/11 unity. Listen in and get some questions ready for Pablo as he’s agreed to come on fakeologist radio.

Pablo Novi gives an exceptional address to the world, “Key Lessons From The U.S. Anti-Vietnam War Movement; & The State Of The 9/11 Truth Movement In Mid-2015?; on the American Underground Network’s “Collective Consciousness Show”, Program #242, April 15, 2015 = Pablo Novi Interview:

via Pablo Novi’s: “Address To The World” – Must Hear! | 9/11 Dialogue.

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Older clues review

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Here’s an older review of septemberclues.info recently sent to me.

The hit online film ‘September Clues (2008)’ is the most detailed and convincing exponent of the ‘no planes’ theory of 9/11.

The documentary is the work of Simon Shack, a seasoned video/audio engineer currently residing in Italy.

via 9-11 Truth is Limited Hangout –“September Clues” – henrymakow.com.

h/t John Adams

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