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Who? Pablo Novi 911crashtest.org/

When? Sunday, April 19, 2015 8:11pm EDT


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20 thoughts on “ep143-Pablo Novi

  1. ab Post author

    From Sacred Lost:

    My comments on ep143-Pablo-Novi (written before previous idea)

    Awkward, I thought, but sometimes things are, especially when you enter into uncomfortable territories attempting to meld the schisms of our times exploring and attempting to consolidate truths. Keep it up though, please. Go further, interview the most unlikely types, sharing your views with even traditional types of people to get their feedback and views as well, insulting as that may be. Young and old views would also be interesting, even if just on the topic of 9/11 (which is quite enough of a topic in and of itself, or a good starter).

    Per this episode I noticed the attention (is) was on the initial 9/11 scam (event, phenomenon, movie, cartoon, whatever), as any current relevancy seemed lost, as if 9/11 has become irrelevant! Which in this episode it has! Here’s why I think it was:

    Too much of the podcast was given to allowing Mr. Novi to introduce himself, which could have been summed up and shortened by your introduction of him (although I’m biased because I had previously heard him on another podcast) thus giving more time to the agreeing and disagreeing, and more important, the (what we think) now! The what 9/11 is spawning beyond what it was, regardless of it being just a movie we are all to believe was real. “Fakeology” must not be marginalized don’t you think?

    If someone scams you out of money or possessions. What is your immediate concern when you realize you’ve been scammed? Trying to stop them from doing further damage, trying to regain your losses, not so much contemplating how you were scammed.

    We’ve all been scammed and this scam is suspended in time, ongoing, a perpetual scam as these powers disassemble and reassemble are very existence as we sit back with only the power of a podcast!

    Bottom-line is I get the sense of a kind-of-selfishness in the dissection of the scam being more important then what the scam has and is producing.

    Per a fakeologist on the subject of the fakes: The result of the fakes should be as relevant as the fakes. The changes happening now are the crucial part of all the initial scams (the point of them all!). So widen the “Fakeologist” model please. It shouldn’t just be “hey they lied back then”, but “hey they lied back then and look what they’ve been doing since based on those lies!” How the fakes effect these present times (we are still in the scam) should at least be part of the Fakeologist dialogue, in my opinion. It’s your concept (Fakeologist.com) and understandably the fakes are enough subject material in and of itself but it begins to ring hollow when it does not correlate to what is happening right now, here and world-wide.

    Pablo seemed to have more of a grasp of the seriousness of all of this.

    For instance, the people more adversely effected by these scammers and their scams (we in north America seem mostly oblivious). The elephant in these podcasts and our society is the unasked questions about these wars and military interventions that have been and still are going on. This is the biggest part of these scams! It is selfishness to go on and on about the ins and outs of the day of 9/11 if more importantly, numerous numbers of people are losing their lives because of it (which that is unjustified no matter how true or not true the 9/11 event actually was). This holds true for the JFK scam as well … inadvertently leading to the Vietnam War.

    If you have episodes (or know of other podcasts/episodes) exploring how real or not these wars based on false-flags have been please refer me and everyone to these. This is the big, selfish, arrogant elephant in all the rooms of our collective western existence.

    Feel free to post or quote this letter (unedited). Thank you – Sacred Lost

  2. Pablo Novi

    I’d like to give my most heart-felt thanx to Tim / Ab Irato for:
    inviting me on the program;
    treating me so beautifully (including spending a good chunk of time, pre-program, to help me get ready;
    and, especially, in particular,
    for the principled role he played in the discussion;
    asking “near-perfect” questions (the right question at the right moment, repeatedly),
    allowing me to try to fully answer them,
    putting out his own positions and doing an excellent job of defending them;
    being fairly open to new ideas;
    participating with me in what felt to me like high-quality TEAM-work (which is the thing in life I value and love the most).

    Thanx so much, Ab
    With all due respect,

      1. Pablo Novi

        You are MOST welcome.
        Truly, despite some big differences between us (and what serious people don’t have some?); I’d fight to have you included in the joint effort to “save humanity”. We are definitely on the same side – so we MUST fight together; and, only then, might the people win!

        All my respect, friend.

  3. consciousvegan

    I agree with what everyone else says, he does seem genuine with no malicious intent, just ignorant about who’s disinfo and how we should deal with. Khammad put it very well, I think, and made some great points.

    I’d also like to point out that he was rather mistaken on part SeptClues research, it at least seems. Around 1:15:20 he starts talking about SC. And he says “September Clues…takes it too far…that the towers were there on the morning of 9/11 and came down that morning…”. I don’t think that anyone at CF thinks no towers were there, just that they were obscured before destruction, perhaps he needs to re-watch/brush up on the SC/CF research, and it might make more sense.

    1. Pablo Novi

      Hey consciousvegan,
      “he does seem genuine with no malicious intent” – thanx for the compliment.

      I would beg to differ about your point about me being ignorant of who is and who isn’t disinfo. I’ve been studying the 911 Truth Movement since 911 itself (for two main reasons: to understand its strengths and weaknesses so that I might help it get stronger; looking for a “home” to organize within. I HAVE a well-developed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of ALL the major Truth organizations. It is just that in the interests of unity-building within this mess of dis-organization; I have deliberately chosen to put my emphasis on each organization’s strengths (and those of the overall Movement collectively).

      Just about everybody else is “slamming away” on each other. My position is that “slamming away” does the work of the enemy for them; and it is ONLY thru TRYING to build unity that we can REALLY ESTABLISH who is bogus and who is pro-people. There is, and can be, NO other litmus test.

      Ergo, I am anything but naïve! I helped the people solve this exact some problem (sectarianism) 50-40 years ago and I/we were very successful (of course it took gargantuan efforts; but so what?) Given that this is part of the rules of this “game”; we have to recognize those rules and master them. Right?

      I would suggest that everyone consider the following facts & the logical conclusions that follow directly from them:
      1) We may have some 20 significant 911 Truth Movement organizations and many, many smaller ones;

      2) Our situation is super-similar to that of the 200 religions: ALL claim that only THEY are the “one true one” AND that ALL the other ones are mistaken in their most fundamental teaching (that, instead, THEY are “the one”); EVERY ONE OF THEM then displays tremendous arrogant sectarianism towards all the others. Same within our movement.

      3) THEREFORE, logically, out of 200 religions (or 20 major & multiple minor Truth orgs) AT BEST, all but one MUST BE fundamentally wrong about their most-deeply-held beliefs – those are super-bad odds-against. It is probably more likely that ALL 200 religious (and ALL major 911 Truth orgs) are, at least in large-part, fundamentally wrong about the super- high esteem they hold themselves in AND the super- low esteem they hold everybody else in.

      In other words, we have the situation where SECTARIANISM REIGNS, and it is based on, driven by: ARROGANCE (an overestimation of oneself, an underestimation of everybody else).

      The CLEAR result is that “everybody is accusing everybody else of being an enemy agent”. AND, I maintain, all, or at least almost all are wrong about this. Heck, all this undeniable sectarianism * is we “the good guys” doing the work of the enemy for him/them (who in my opinion is the 500 U.S. Billionaires; but I don’t “insist” that anyone agree with this – my belief is that, right now, all we need to unite around is ONLY that 911 was a Big Lie.)

      4) Ultimately, THE most critical element in any popular movement is the masses of people; including, in respect to the would-be leadership groups, the MEMBERSHIPS of those groups.

      5) The KEY is going to be to get those memberships militant enough, demanding 911 Truth Movement Unity efforts NOW from their own leaderships … this, historically is the only way popular movements progress.

      * Does anybody deny that our movement is over-rife with sectarianism? Everybody agrees about this, only to then turn around and say that it’s not their group’s fault, it’s the fault of everybody else. Ask yourselves this: what other force in the 911 Truth Movement has even come out and identified sectarianism as one of if not our biggest INTERNAL problems?

      Why has not this essential problem been identified before now, identified and a useful plan developed that might counter-act it? I see in these very comments here (and in the comments EVERYWHERE, pretty much without exception): “They’re the disinfo agents; we’re the good guys!”

      And where has this vicious circle of blame-finger pointing gotten us? Certainly to being MUCH less effective than we otherwise would be; MUCH less effective than the suffering Billions of people NEED us to be – they’re groaning under oppression, desperately hoping we’ll get our bleep together someday soon. Don’t we OWE it to them to do so?

      My whole effort is to try to get us to take the necessary steps so that sectarianism is no longer dominant in our movement; because only then do we have any real chance to move further ahead in this THE most noble of causes.

      1. sami

        For someone who has “been studying the 911 Truth Movement since 911” to not understand exactly what Jim Fetzer is (and even go as far as saying you LOVE him), makes you completely unqualified to lead any movement. I don’t mean this as an insult, I think your heart is in the right place and we need more people like you, but you are coming off as extremely naive by not understanding these basic concepts of gatekeeping and military operatives. Fetzer is one of those and until you understand this fundamental FACT, you will continue to come across as ignorant and unqualified.

        Why should anyone want to join a movement if you are trying to work with known disinfo agents? Should we rally Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow to join the truth movement too? Come on.

      2. sami

        If I may offer some more comments:

        You said: “The KEY is going to be to get those memberships militant enough, demanding 911 Truth Movement Unity efforts NOW from their own leaderships … this, historically is the only way popular movements progress.”

        Oh? So you are suggesting violence? No thank you, I am against violence of all kinds. Perhaps your use of the word ‘militant’ was not meant in this way, if so, please choose your words wisely. Demanding unity efforts from our own leaderships means nothing because some of us don’t have leaders. We are a collective group of equal individuals who collaborate with our own research. We don’t look to anyone as a “leader” and we don’t want to be involved in any “popular movements”!

        You said – “Does anybody deny that our movement is over-rife with sectarianism?”

        I deny the concept of “our movement” … I am not part of any movement, nor do I want to be associated with any movement. I am a free-thinking individual who happens to dabble in collaborate independent research. I am happy to leave the “movement” to others like yourself.

        You said – “They’re the disinfo agents; we’re the good guys!”

        Guys like Jim Fetzer are military. The rest of us are normal people with normal lives. We don’t lead movements or spend 50 years writing fake stories about JFK (and profiting from book sales, advertising, etc). We are regular folks with families and non-military backgrounds. Why is it so difficult for you to understand the difference between a normal person and a military/media personality like Fetzer? You lose credibility when you continue to use the phrase “our movement” and include guys like Fetzer and Jayhan in the movement. If the unity you want includes personalities like those, that’s YOUR movement, not OUR movement.

        You said – “And where has this vicious circle of blame-finger pointing gotten us? Certainly to being MUCH less effective than we otherwise would be; MUCH less effective than the suffering Billions of people NEED us to be – they’re groaning under oppression, desperately hoping we’ll get our bleep together someday soon. Don’t we OWE it to them to do so?”

        Yes, we do. Perhaps start by focusing on what you are missing, namely your failure to understand that the very people you are trying to UNITE are the same folks who have been hired to divide, distract and spread disinformation.

        You said – “My whole effort is to try to get us to take the necessary steps so that sectarianism is no longer dominant in our movement; because only then do we have any real chance to move further ahead in this THE most noble of causes.”

        You’re not the only one who has been studying this since 9/11. A lot of us have, nearly everyday for 14+ years. So, while your efforts are absolutely appreciated by me and others here, your lack of understanding of the mechanisms of gatekeeping makes you seem amateurish in your research efforts. It’s great that you want to have unity, it really is … but you are trying to have unity within a pseudo truth movement that has been placed before you to keep you and everyone else divided. My suggestion is that you should focus on doing more research until you understand WITHOUT DOUBT that these so-called leaders of various movements have been placed before you to lead you away from the truth and send you chasing rabbits and silly, illogical theories (falling mannequins????) FOREVER.

        You said – “The CLEAR result is that “everybody is accusing everybody else of being an enemy agent”. AND, I maintain, all, or at least almost all are wrong about this.”

        No, sir. Respectfully, it is YOU who is wrong about this. We are not military agents like Fetzer. He has been a military man his entire life. I’m sorry but I can’t take you seriously if you think that calling someone like Fetzer out on his bullshit is equivalent to accusing the local schoolteacher of being a CIA agent. There’s a big difference and it’s a little disheartening (disingenous) to hear you lump everyone in the same boat. These people and their various “movements” have been put here to lie to you. I think you’re a pretty smart guy based on the interviews I’ve heard. You need to do some more research into these so-called leaders so that you can understand this fundamental concept.

        I hope you don’t take any of the above as an insult, that is not my intention. I am simply providing some tough critical feedback. I do appreciate what you’re trying to do and support your efforts. You’ll probably see a recurring theme in my replies on this page – the concept of gatekeeping. Once you understand this basic concept, I think you’ll have better luck connecting with people.

        Normal people don’t do interviews on CNN and Fox News. Disinformation agents like Jim Fetzer do. I implore you to do everything you can to understand this.

        Activism is a noble idea. Unfortunately, activists are often the best foot soldiers for the powers that be, mostly because they allow their emotions and pie-in-the-sky desire to “save the world” to interfere with logic, reason and critical thinking based on solid evidence.

        My one piece of advice to you – do more research.


        1. Carys

          “This, historically is the only way popular movements progress…”

          Historically maybe. But truthfully, this is certainly not the only way popular movements progress.

          Prominent modern movements like “Occupy”, the “Arab Spring”, “Je Suis Charlie” and countless others are initiated, stoked and progressed by the culture creators to further their long-range agenda, no matter how many normal, honest people get drawn into the fray on the way. It’s no different for the 9/11 truth movement.

          Pablo, who, really, are the leaders we need to “demand unity efforts of” in this movement for truth?

  4. sami

    Haha! That was entertaining! Pablo is naive and ego-centric. I’m sorry but I don’t trust anyone who wants to be a leader, especially when that person doesn’t understand the details of the mechanics in the same way that I do. He is living in a dream.

    The only way to unite the public is to educate them and if this guy thinks that real “jumpers” might have been “pushed” out of the WTC towers, that’s just an example of someone I don’t want as my leader.

    We don’t need leaders, we need critical thinkers.

    1. Pablo Novi

      I am the opposite of naïve and the opposite of ego-centric.
      I never say I want to be a leader. True leaders of the people EARN that title and from the people themselves THRU hard, effect work over a significant period of time. I’ve done that type of work for 50 years; and 50-40 years I was PUT in leadership positions by the people I was working with. Why? Because I was capable of doing the things that are necessary to help the people’s movement surge forward.

      “We don’t need leaders, we need critical thinkers” is the worst example of naivete possible. There are NO examples of popular movements in all of history that were successful without leaderships!

      And critical thinkers who don’t put their theoretical discoveries into the practice of helping the people solve their problems are worse than useless.

      Sorry, my friend, but you’ve got a few of the most important lessons of history: BACKWARDS.

      Lastly, I don’t understand your point about “jumpers”. My personal position is that there were NO JUMPERS but instead manikins or cadavers were what was seen & photographed..

      I then lay out the reasoning behind this position:
      1) The Billionaires would have made sure that NO top-level, white collar, financial-industry people were in the Towers in the first place;

      2) That if there had been people up there (which I’ve just said I don’t believe is true) then IF they fell it was NOT due to jumping but do to either accidentally falling or being pushed from behind by people desperate to get away from the heat & smoke and get to fresh air. Let’s remember, a 1,000 foot jump is terrifying to the max and guaranteed death. If I had been up there, the windows were very narrow, I would have wedged myself in between the aluminum-clad steel columns of the “façade” and inched my way down – as improbable as this may sound; it offers SOME hope of surviving, jumping offers NONE.

      I am living in no dream.

      You assert that, “I don’t trust anyone who wants to be a leader, especially when that person doesn’t understand the details of the mechanics in the same way that I do.”

      It is your words that reflect “ego-centrism”; so you are the ONLY one who truly “understands the mechanics”? You haven’t been wrong ever in the past? And if you were capable of helping lead the people, who so sorely need leadership, you’d walk away from them, and away from the responsibility to help? Thank goodness you neither want to nor are any leader at all – sorry to say, only defeat would follow such thinking.

      Sure sounds like you are an “arm-chair” NON-activist “thinker” who never organized anything. If that’s true, then you don’t really have much right to be criticizing much less lecturing people who have made the self-sacrificing decision to organize others.

      1. sami

        The fact that you don’t understand the simple concept that the Jumpers are simply fake imagery makes you unqualified, in my opinion. Please explain how mannequins can defy the laws of physics in the manner shown in the videos. This is a very simple thing to understand, and yet you don’t understand it …

        I respect your optimism and desire for unity amongst the “truth movement”, but you have to understand how difficult it is for some of us to get on board with you when you profess to love an obvious military gatekeeper like Fetzer so much.

        You are correct, I am not an activist, nor do I want to be one.

  5. khammad

    After listening to Pablo, I feel even more confident that we are on the right track here at Fakeologist.com to discover more truths about our controllers and their global system of influence. Pablo is a man with valuable experience from the past, and we can learn from him.

    But what about the present? I am sure Pablo ran into disinfo agents in the past. Disinfo agents of today, however, are also electronic. It seems Pablo is unable to see the deception, as if all Truthers are genuine. For instance, Let’s Troll Forum and Fetzer are obvious disinfo but Pablo seems to not have discovered this.

    Ignoring differences in theories about how 911 was carried out is fine if all parties are genuine. But what if parties are not genuine?

    What if parties are there ONLY to deceive?

    What Pablo fails to acknowledge is the power of “disinfo” and the fact that a disinformation agents job is to take us off track, keep us fighting, and make false accusations about real truth seekers.

    These very same fake truth seekers are a big reason we have not gathered together to become one large powerful force.

    Pablo is hanging around the very people who stop this 911 truth movement in its tracks.

    These disinfo agents cannot be a part of the real conversation as they are not real truth seekers.

    Pablo, you are hanging around known deceivers and seem unaware of it.

    Perhaps Pablo has not read enough of Clues Forum research to understand why Simon Shack’s September Clues video is some of the most important 911 research available today.

    Pablo, you say you are a leader. Then you have a responsibility to be up on your 911 research, otherwise you are obsolete.

    1. ab Post author

      Well said K. Fetzer has already been involved in the longest, most unsuccessful “expose” of the JFK hoax. We don’t need his help if aims to continue his “inclusion confusion” with the 9/11 hoax.

      1. Blue Moon

        He seems sincere and maybe not willfully naïve, but this sounds like an All You Need is Love kind of magical thinking exercise- I prefer lone nuts like Miles Mathis- Here he is with a sermon near the end of an outing of Taylor Swift as an Intelligence tool where he councils that sometimes Hate is a vital tool in dealing with the perps and all their works: mileswmathis.com/swift.pdf
        And, as an added bonus, here Miles fingers Stephen Hawking as an imposter (the genuine article having died in 1985- He thinks the imposter’s death will be announced soon) milesmathis.com/hawk3.pdf

        1. Pablo Novi

          Thanx for the compliment “He seems sincere…” I am definitely not driven by hippie-type thinking, “All You Need Is Love”; in my detailed description of the Anti-Vietnam War Movement, I think I made it clear that real organizing of masses of people requires the opposite of “magical thinking” and all-inclusive-thru-love silliness.

          btw, I apologize for not coming sooner to this discussion thread of Ab’s interview of me.

          We DID have a BIG effect 50-40 years ago; the lessons were hard-fought learned. The most basic, as I tried to point out in the interview, is that for United Front type work, the basis of unity needs to be some bare minimum; like back then: “Out Now”; like now, “911 Was A Big Lie”. To unite the people around such slogans/programs the KEY is then to unite their (would-be) leadership; again, around a minimum “program” based on moral principles. In our case now, I/we propose that we unite around a small packet of “component parts” of the Big Lie, say 9 of them (3 about the people; 3 about the places, 3 about the planes). This is pretty generalize unity in the 911 Truth Movement today around a similar set of component pieces.

          All that is lacking to unite our movement now is a wide-spread decision, ultimately by the leaders of the many 911 Truth Movement organizations, to put all our many differences aside, differences overwhelmingly based on different versions of “what really happened on 911” (which are not at all necessary to be united around for us to be able to educate the masses & get them to act); instead, if we just focused on what unites us; and there is a LOT … then that’s where the next, ulta-necessary step will come from.

          In other words,
          1) A 911 Truth-Movement Wide effort to Unite To Focus On Educating The Masses About 911 (Particular in its most-essential aspects). Theoretically, this should be far from impossible to achieve – historically and today, this is exactly how movements get themselves united and can then become victorious – there is NO alternative!

          2) A 911 Truth-Movement Wide declaration of a Cease-Fire / Truce (nobody attacks anybody else – we’ve had several years of that and it certainly hasn’t worked; let’s try to opposite.) This too is achievable.

          3) That the memberships of the 911 Truth Movement organizations put all possible pressure on their own leaderships (or mis-leaders in a number of cases), (and, indirectly, on those of the other orgs) so that the leaders are either “forced” to do the right thing and unite around “1)” and “2)” above; or they get “deposed” / replaced by leaders who will.

          That’s it that’s all and exactly what’s required to significantly move things forward towards the goal of the people of the U.S. and world becoming educated enough, and on that basis, active enough to begin to put an end to all these wars and police states.

          This worked 50-40 years ago in the U.S.; it has always worked along these lines everywhere in the world; and today is, and can be, no exception to these general principles.

          What possible harm could come from trying this plan? If it were to not work; we’d be in the same mess we already are; just later in the “game”. If it works, and based on a ton of past & present experience, I’m sure it will; then we will have begun to play an historically important role for the people; and the people will liberate themselves (and remember our contributions too, that’s for sure).
          existing leaders

    2. Pablo Novi

      Dear KHam,
      I apologize for not responding sooner. Last night, I clicked “post” after spending over a half-an-hour responding to you and my post got erased – my bad to be sure. I just couldn’t muster the will power to start writing from scratch.

      About LetsRollForums: Have you checked out their, “My Boston Research” thread. There is some excellent research and analysis there. Assuming that one agrees, what conclusion should one reach? Mine is that LRF makes valuable contributions to the struggle for truth, including about 911.

      Phil Jayhan & Larry McWilliams’ interviews have been valuable contributions too (Twin Towers: Hollow, Gutted & Empty). About a year or so ago, I critiqued a number of those interviews. Maybe you’ve run across one or two?

      Look, I get it that people here are pro-S.C. I have said, and won’t ever back down from it, that S.C. was WHO enlightened me about Video Fakery – I consider that to have aided me greatly; and I ALWAYS mention that – credit where credit’s due, right?

      However, imo, significant contributions have been made by at least 20 911 Truth Movement organizations and many individuals: I regularly praise any and all contributions and their “authors”. I can’t see anything wrong with that; it beats slamming everybody all the time by a mile in terms of the chances to ever build enough unity for our movement to get way more effective.

      This is an honest question: Who has S.C. united with ever, especially recently? If close to no one; then maybe its supporters should wonder why? Can it be possible that amongst 20 Major and 200 minor groupings, S.C. is the ONLY one with a correct understanding of 911; AND the ONLY one that’s made any significant contributions?

      Don’t you-all realize that most of the membership of the 911 Truth Movement MUST be good people (regardless of their leaderships being real leaders or only mis-leaders)? Mustn’t they be united? If so, then what have you-all done; and could you conceivably do a bit more?

      That’s EXACTLY why you don’t and won’t see me broadcasting my (BIG) differences with anybody in the 911 Truth Movement; Unity-building focusing on what did NOT happen on 911, i.e., EXPOSING THE 911 BIG LIE to the masses, is all that is required; and battling over what WAS done has proven more counter-productive than unifying and productive.

      I sure hope that, generally, you-all can find it in your hearts & minds to try a bit harder for unity; and, in my case in particular, that “we”, you-all and I, are granted the opportunity of seriously trying to work together – isn’t the situation desperate enough.

      btw, I have more than once emailed Simon Shack; but he’s never responded. You can’t say I didn’t try.

      1. Pablo Novi

        I hugely under-stated my efforts to reach out to Simon Shack. I initiated a mass-leader email list/group with him included. So, every time in the dozens of times I posted to that list, he received a copy. there was never any response until months later, after that list had ceased to function (and then was started back up by somebody not me, with seemingly dubious purposes); only then did Simon ask to be removed from the list of addressees.

        That was the only (2) times I ever heard back from him.

        Come to think of it, I ran across a post, where it was claimed that Simon had supposedly backed off a tiny bit (iirc about the smoke machines in WTC#7 being fake too). I IMMEDIATELY wrote about this as a sign of progress (and wrote the same thing directly to him).

        I then, the next day, found out that this had been in error. I IMMEDIATELY “published” a self-criticism and apology for “running with a story” without enough research and put that out EVERYWHERE I could, including directly to Simon. I DO try to do the principled, right, thing. When I make mistakes, and I’ve made “my fair share”; I ALWAYS do everything imaginable to “make amends”.

        I’d love to be granted the opportunity to explore the possibility of working together with S.C. supporters – there’s got to be something progressive we can accomplish if only we try.

        1. sami

          I’ll say it again – your heart is in the right place. You should be commended for your optimism and efforts. But the simple fact is that you do not understand the concepts of gatekeeping and military disinfo agents, as displayed by your praise of Phil Jayhan and LOVE for Jim Fetzer. Do you know who Phil Jayhan is? Perhaps you should read up:


          With respect – until you understand that these people are NOT on the side of the truth, it will be extremely difficult for you to achieve your goals.


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