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On Hitler’s birthday: from deity to demon in a few short years

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All seems to be quiet on the most famous demon of the past 100 years’ birthday.


He was man of the year in 1939 – in time magazine’s volume 33, number 1 edition no less!

It seems Hitler anniversary psyOps mainly lent themselves to Nazi sympathizers/home grown terror/militia/gun nuts events.

Of course Oklahoma City Bombing Hoax was the biggest in the past 20 years to occur on or right around this date.

The point of this post is to show how leaders are used or converted to actors of those that control the planet. How else can it be explained that one day they are promoted and the next they are pilloried? To wit, Qaddafi, Saddam, The Shah, to name a few biggies.

Clues: Major leaders are pretty much all actors?

As real as many Hitler fans wish him to be, it’s doubtful that Hitler was acting for the rebirth of the German nation any more than Clinton or Obama are on the peoples’ side. The business of leading has never changed.

An ill looking past actor memorializes in OK (always invoking the vicsims, their biggest and last illusion):

Zach with his numbers:

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Remember Kay?

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Here’s a podcast concerned with 9/11. I only listened to this one to aggravate myself, as Jonathan Kay is one of the more annoying MSM journos out there. I’ll try and listen to a few more episodes of this podcast and report back.


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