On Hitler’s birthday: from deity to demon in a few short years

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All seems to be quiet on the most famous demon of the past 100 years’ birthday.


He was man of the year in 1939 – in time magazine’s volume 33, number 1 edition no less!

It seems anniversary mainly lent themselves to sympathizers/home grown terror/militia/gun nuts events.

Of course Hoax was the biggest in the past 20 years to occur on or right around this date.

The point of this post is to show how leaders are used or converted to actors of those that control the planet. How else can it be explained that one day they are promoted and the next they are pilloried? To wit, Qaddafi, Saddam, The Shah, to name a few biggies.

Clues: Major leaders are pretty much all actors?

As real as many Hitler fans wish him to be, it’s doubtful that Hitler was acting for the rebirth of the German nation any more than Clinton or are on the peoples’ side. The business of leading has never changed.

An ill looking past actor memorializes in OK (always invoking the vicsims, their biggest and last illusion):

Zach with his :

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2 thoughts on “On Hitler’s birthday: from deity to demon in a few short years

  1. Blue Moon

    With fascism the norm here in Amurrica, odd balls like Hitler give the corporations a bad name- I suspect he’ll be phased out slowly as a fetish object as the corporate state system settles in as an overt fait accompli-

  2. UNreal

    Hitler & Germany has been a very important part of recent occidental history. as a Fakeologist it is evident that personalities popularized through mass media are all very suspect and most likely part of a plan or politics.

    something i find very interesting is that “Germany” is a sort of european ‘United States’ with many strong regions gathered under one nation,,, the so-called ‘German’ nation was founded in 1870-71 and the name in itself seems very ‘normal’ at first,,, however, speaking french myself it could well be more to the story if Germany in reality is a wordplay from a combination of french and english:
    -Guerre (pronounced ‘ger’ meaning war in french)
    -Many (english adverb & préposition, a large number of something)

    As with numbers, names are often MAGIC too…
    Guerre-Many fits the bill quite well as a psy-Op so big it blinds us.
    could-it be that WW1 was the first of several wars planned from the beginning of the German nation ?

    ‘the name Germany and the other similar-sounding names above are all derived from the Latin Germania, of the 3rd century BC, a word of uncertain origin….’ (wikipedia)
    more contrived history to cover up the simplistic word-play at hand ?


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