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Give me celebrity! A powerful documentary explaining the deep psychological needs being filled by the media, and all. It shows how market forces have been a boon for fakery, making it even easier for a few to control the hearts and minds of millions without effort.

  • PR is inherently an unreliable source of truth

Alanis on celebrities:…

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2 thoughts on “Starsuckers

  1. khammad

    I noticed in Starsucker that several people, including the narrator all agreed on this one thing: news/media used to be good before, but now it is bad.

    This is also the same tone of many videos that are pretending to be expose pieces where the media guy is ratting out the industry because he can’t take it any more.

    In the video, I enjoyed taking a look into places where I can’t go, such as the behind-the-scenes view of how the industry actually works. There were many revealing moments. Nugget-wise, this one was full of them, so for that, I will give it a thumbs up. But I have to give Starsuckers a thumbs down for still sticking to the party line.

    In Starsuckers, over and over again, I kept hearing the theme that the news is bad now, so that means it was good before. I wish I had counted all the times I heard this line of reasoning. Really? Before now, the news was truthful? Are you saying in the past there was a free and open press, that existed to tell the truth to the public because that’s what the public wanted? And because that’s what was right? Unlike today where the entire press core stays within the boundaries given to them by a fascist government. And where the media is the last place one would go for truth.

    So the past was better? What about in the 1930’s when people didn’t even know their president couldn’t walk. Not one media outlet or publication blew the whistle. THEY ALL kept that secret. Not only that, FDR could’t walk when he was the governor of New York state either. News reporters from New York state even kept the secret. FDR became ill in 1921 and couldn’t walk again. He was president from 1933-1945, governor of New York from 1929-1932, Assistant Secretary to the Navy from 1913-1920, and New York state senator from 1911-1913, FDR was walking when he was a senator, but not walking when he was governor or president. I am sure people noticed, especially those intrepid news reporters. So I am going to ask the people in this video one more time now. Was the news media really more honest back then, way back then before things got bad for very specific reasons?

    Or this, the media is the same controlled propaganda machine that we find today. Not only are we subject to propaganda, but we are coerced into a number of unnatural fashions and trends. We are constantly being bombarded with sexual overtones in the majority of stories and events (see Disney), and we are being shown anxiety-ridden scare stories and events to keep us under compliance. The quality of life for the majority of citizens of this world have most definitely decreased and it is directly due to the interference from the elites who run the media. This video does a good job at sidestepping that fact.

    My point is, perhaps media was never good, unlike the constant battery of people in the media saying the media used to be good.

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