T and M on Celebrity Worship

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Interesting podcast on media.

In this bonus installment of Themes & Memes, Aaron and Adam embark on a spontaneous, informal chat about Hollywood, the cult of celebrity, and the psychodynamics of celebrity worship.   Topics discussed include; Cult of Personality, Celebrity Neurosis and Breakdown, Suicide, The ’27 Club’, Life as a Stage, Theatrics, Public Relations, Identity Crisis, Public Obsession with the Character, Marketing of Popular Causes, Shia Labeouf, Fast & Furious, Alpha Males, Female Celebrity Obsession, Tom Cruis

* Duration: 33:36

* Published: 2015-04-20 1:18:15 PM

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1 thought on “T and M on Celebrity Worship

  1. Blue Moon

    I like this guy’s podcasts- I’m not sure he’s totally down with Clues Forum grade fakery analysis but I’m glad he’s in the mix, here and on Hoaxbusters-
    A few points:
    Hollywood rides a hot hand- Kevin Costner broke out in an otherwise pointless western titled Silverado- He became an instant hit and rode that wave through Dances With Wolves- He then made some bombs: The Postman and Waterworld, for two examples, and that derailed him- He still had more control over his films than most, but people get old, tired and bored- He was no longer box office- He didn’t piss anyone off or say the wrong thing that I can recall- He simply had his day- He was an electrician from Compton, CA- Hardly a high born scion of a powerful family- My father knew him before he got famous- Said Costner was an early riser and hard worker- Ambitious and hungry and good looking helps as much as connections-
    I agree that all publicity is good publicity for actors- The only bad news is low box office returns- Today in the internet and CGI world, there seems to be the ability to control ALL of a persona’s movements- The entity known as Shia LaBeouf is being steered through several irksome iterations in order to provoke interest in this otherwise indistinguishable place holder- The entity known as Joaquin Phoenix tried a similar approach until it was pointed out to him that he actually did have talent and should just act on screen-
    Scientology and Judaism have some parallels- But the most important aspect of those two groups vis a vis Hollywood is that the members are organized- I don’t think the demands of actors are so strictly controlled as is being suggested by many media fakery researchers- Once you identify with one group or another, certain expectations are mutually agreed upon- For all of the promoted scandals that don’t really upset the applecart, the things that would compromise the Hollywood system are simply suppressed- If some well-known personality was actually making serious trouble, then you might have a “suicide” reported, or even a “car/plane crash” created through press releases and photo ops that the Clues brigade could rip to shreds and then that individual would have to brush up on his Portuguese-

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