Where are the 9/11 Victims?

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Update 4/23/15:Max will no longer deal with me and my questioning. Assume no interview.

I am having an email back and forth with Max Ratt about two firefighters he says he knew on that were listed as deaths on 9/11, namely Keith Glascoe and Frank Esposito.

That brings up a critical problem I have with his statement – it conflicts directly with my confidence in Hoi’s Vicsim report. While I believe it’s possible he met someone who’s name is listed in the official death list on Voicesof911.org, the official victim site, I challenged him on the veracity of his friend’s official demise story.

A quick search on the SSDI comes up empty for his friend.

keith glascoe



This illustrates a delineation between my research and most of the the other researchers. Many accept almost all the components of psyOps, but they can’t get past the two most sacred tenets of the 9/11 deception: fabricated victims and magic weaponry to destroy the twin towers.

Without victims and magical weapons, we have a simple with a very big fat fairy tale of a story, courtesy of the most powerful media on this earth.

As long as people accept the two most crucial parts, they’ll be forever fooled by this and all future psyOps.

Let’s use this thread to start going through the SSDI and the voicesof911.org website. Check the guestbooks of the vicsims. There is a paucity of grieving friends and family, almost 14 years later. Post your findings in the comments.

If we do a few a day/week, we can do more to expose the heart of this still beating beast.


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24 thoughts on “Where are the 9/11 Victims?

  1. MaxRatt

    Yes, for the record I knew Keith Glascoe PERSONALLY! He WAS into acting and he WAS an active NYC firefighter. I was told by his close friend(s) that he died on 9/11 IN THE TOWERS! I am personal friends with several people who knew him more closely than I did and I am STILL in contact with those people today. I met Keith in the late ’80’s when he was working security at a small nite club in Greenwich Village Manhattan. The club was named “Peggy Sue’s” and was owned by several former NYC Firefighters. Two of the owners of the club were Pat Fahey and Terry Quinn. They are quite well known New Yorkers/Restauranteurs/Club Owners and I’ve ran into Pat recently and he is still around and can positively confirm Keith’s existence and the story of his demise as well.

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Well, there you go. We’ve found another one alive.

      Your story is credible to me, Max, and seems to confirm this.
      As Hoi said :
      Glascoe is probably played by a real actor, now in hiding, with a different name, who briefly played a FDNY firefighter, contributed his face (and possibly given legal name) to the Vicsim for face parts of his surrounding fake firefighters.

      Glascoe was a former bouncer and an actor. That strikes me as a perfect profile.

      I believe the story all-the-more, as I have a similar one. I know a (fairly well-known) New Yorker myself.
      Matthew Caws, the singer and songwriter with the band Nada Surf is currently partly living in Cambridge England where I am. He’s a mate, as we say here. We’ve hung out and written songs together. Shared stuff. He doesn’t even agree that 9/11 was an inside job. He went there for a few days, he tells me, but he didn’t like it ! He’s from an academic family and he’s a bit of a conformist. He’s a very nice guy, but he’s a helpless dupe on that one, for me!

      Anyway, when it got to me talking about simulated victims on 9/11 he said that he knew, personally the mother of a good friend who died on one of the planes that day.
      It turned out she too had been an actresss. An old Hollywood actress.

      I said to him, what I’ll say to you, Max. I think they’re still alive.

      He didn’t believe me for a second, and maybe you won’t entertain the idea, but I don’t think it’s that far fetched. Real actors who then faked their deaths on 9/11 was an important part of the operation.
      It gives it real credibility. Whilst I’m satisfied that many of the victims were completely simulated, there would have to be s faked deaths of real people. Definitely.

      With my friend Matthew, we had to simply agree to differ, with his acknowledgement that ”Well, yes, I suppose, I should hope you’re right ”. He doesn’t believe it for a second though!

      But yeh, it makes me feel good to find people alive, and your story, credible as it reads to me, seems to confirm that we’ve found a fire fighter from 9/11 alive.

      Thank for your openness about this. We need these conversations, to learn some good news!

      1. Hoi Polloi

        Tom, which actress? I’d like to do digging on that one too.

        If we can find the few “point actors” used to churn out dozens of fake people, we might more fully unravel this conspiracy. Here’s my latest update on the “Keith Glascoe” that Max so-far believably claims he met:


        Note the incredibly sparse wiki: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keith_A….

        Almost like a stub placeholder.

        Max Ratt, how well did you know Keith? Would you swear Keith was his given and legal name? Did you ever call him by his full name or observe his full name Keith Alexander Glascoe? I wonder if he disappeared under an assumed identity or not.

        1. ab Post author

          Great research and commentary on the Keith character, Hoi.

          Keith A. Glascoe

          Worth repeating in the “Actors and Simulated Victims” threads, but for now I feel this idea flows more accurately with nonhocapito’s recent musings.

          Case in point of their wobbly “vision” of piracy, the recently unearthed vicsim character of “Keith A. Glascoe” (maybe CGI-ish but to me more likely played by a real actor that was continually credited under that possibly fake name) was of a family of actors. His children reportedly were also getting actor training before the 9/11 disappearing act. One gets the sense there is a ‘mob’ feeling to these two-bit characters who wish to please the Don Corleones of Hollywood, like the producers and directors and certain actors above the basic tier of “fame slave drone”.

        2. MaxRatt

          I met Keith more than 10 years before 9/11. We called him Keith then and always. I didn’t know his middle name and never called him by it. You are WRONG about Keith Glascoe … PERIOD!! I’m beginning to think you are a piece of garbage, also.

    2. xileffilex

      and can positively confirm Keith’s existence and the story of his demise as well.

      like how?

      1. Tom Dalpra

        ”…and can positively confirm Keith’s existence and the story of his demise as well.”

        xileffilex said: like how?

        Well to be fair xilef , he says he saw him and knew him.
        That, for me, is a positive confirmation, to an extent. He knew him by name and sight and saw him at work over a period of time. Surely, this is what we’d expect, at least ? This is an element which makes the hoax so credible. He was real , as real as anyone is !

        However, he says he can also confirm the story of his demise. Less credible, of course, if he means he can confirm the story was real. In fact, in this instance, highly unlikely, unless he’d been in the towers on 9/11 as they collapsed !

        I don’t think Max is being that stupid, though. Literally speaking, of course, he can” confirm the story of his demise”.
        He’s heard the story, first-hand probably from people that were close to the victim. There is a story, they have it. He knows it and can confirm it.
        The thing is, that’s all it is. A story.

        Lots of ‘confirmed stories’ going on around here. 🙂

        1. Blue Moon

          I call the stories Urban Legends- They are prefabricated and salted throughout the area and they spread on the winds of emotion- Like bacteria, they get into personal narratives, under the skin- They become an emotional attachment, even if no more than hearsay, and seem all too real as they effect one physically with remorse, regret, nostalgia- If the think tanks that study the human condition have a nuclear core of manipulation data, this is where they really show how powerful they are- Getting people to believe something because their emotions are too powerful to resist- Its almost like denying your feelings for your mother- Its like asking a forensics pathologist to do an autopsy on their child- You have to believe it because the big picture is unknown-

        2. xileffilex

          I don’t deny at all that he existed, Tom. Demise – well, I could confirm it because I read it in the New York Times… or his “demise” could be confirmed by someone who saw him in a new identity. Who knows? Facebook is the new way to confirm a “demise”….

        3. MaxRatt

          I met Keith more than 10 years before 9/11. We called him Keith then and always. I didn’t know his middle name and never called him by it. You are WRONG about Keith Glascoe … PERIOD!! I’m beginning to think you are a piece of garbage, also. Keith was IN THE TOWERS when they came down. Many Firefighters died inside. Keith was one of them. I am sure of it.

          1. ab Post author

            Please don’t resort to ad hominem attacks. Tom is a valued member here, and is sincere in his questioning. Once more I ask you to review the outstanding post/comment by Hoi Polloi on your friend and respond it to point by point. We are sincere researchers of 9/11 here and not out to disparage anyone, including your friend Keith.

  2. Blue Moon

    I like Max Ratt’s clip show concept- It’s different and entertaining- And he gives good info and blatantly bad info- As I mentioned before, he thinks the limo driver shot JFK- As good as he was on Ebola and flight 37something, he does wander off on some strange tangents- It’s a seductive pose- In spook jargon you could describe his act as Rollover- The art of a captured spook giving just enough good info to sell some bad info to enhance his position and accelerate his release- But, as with everyone from Goldbugger to Miles Mathis to, say, Blue Moon, you take the presentation as is and separate the wheat from the chaff and build from there on the new, good info your paradigm can support- An individual’s premise is the least important part of their shtick, in my view-

    1. MaxRatt

      I’m not sure if you’re implying I’m a “captured Spook” or maybe I’m not following your incoherent babble. Needless to say that’s a ridiculous allegation. In addition, YES I DO believe the driver of the Limo, William Greer, turned and Blasted JFK in the car. Besides disparaging my analysis out of hand without anything to back it up why don’t you tell me what your belief is about JFK’s Assassination? Or do you think he’s still alive?

      1. ab Post author

        I’d be happy to lead you to more of my incoherent babble in the JFK category, which can be found in the category drop down menu on the right side of my blog. I’ve never heard of a captured spook before, so please define it for me. I didn’t see JFK get blasted, I saw a blurry film said to be him recoil from something. I saw Ultron (the Avengers enemy) die a thousand times on the big screen last night too, and I can’t confirm his death either. Psyops are in my opinion conducted within certain limits of the law, and I doubt those that rule over us kill their own (actors), especially in plain site.

      2. Blue Moon

        You’re not a spook, Max- Your presentation would be that of a spook if you were: Negotiating with good info to sell the bad- Spook basic- I don’t think you are selling bad info on JFK- You are just wrong- Nobody bats a thousand- Regardless, I don’t care who you are- You do very good work- On JFK, however, you are basing your claim on a film forgery- The Zapruder film is the only source for this second* most ridiculous allegation in JFK “research”, that the driver turned and fired a point blank shot at his President, the man he’s paid to risk his own life to protect, and no one in the car nor the oft quoted witnesses in the “kill zone” have ever said anything about it, ever- Then decades after the fact, the demonstrably proven falsehood known as the Zapruder film is posted on many You Tube channels and reveals what in all likely hood is a sun spot on some shiny surface that is taken as a sun spot on a pistol in Greer’s hand, yet suddenly, if not surprisingly, a whole new sub division of misdirection takes off- It’s a new twist on a popular topic and people frustrated by the lack of a solution to this particular “crime of the century” grab it and run ahead of the pack, waiving this new nonsense around as if they’ve solved the unsolvable-
        No- JFK is not alive- He’d be 98 years old and despite his alleged mother living to over one hundred, I think he died in the late eighties, possibly at Martha’s Vineyard or at the horse farm Jackie and Ari owned in New Jersey- To get all the details you can read my book on the entire JFK madness in a couple of months-
        *By far the most idiotic claim of who shot JFK is presented in the book Mortal Error: The Shot That Killed JFK by an entity styled “Bonar Menninger”- The book claims that a Secret Service agent named George Hickey, riding in the car right behind JFK’s limo, lost his balance and discharged his rifle, hitting JFK in the head- Priceless!!!

  3. xileffilex

    The kids seem real enough – they all, including new partner, seem to have gone out to the Dominican Republic for the youngest’s birthday. Would a biolgical father want to miss that?

    It’s as if there’s no “Glascoe” side to the family from the FB comments/likes. [or relative of Leonardo Traversas for that matter] Perhaps there isn’t?



  4. smj

    the narrative is absurd but consistent. there’s always a little psi-op symmetry if you bother to look for it.

    “In April 1995, Mr. Esposito was one of six Staten Island firefighters and two police officers with the New York City Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) team that responded to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s request for assistance after the Oklahoma City bombing. Mr. Esposito, along with the other USAR members, spent five grueling days working 12-hour and longer shifts searching for victims in the collapsed remains of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. The volunteer team’s rescue and recovery efforts were acknowledged in an awards ceremony hosted by Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani in City Hall where Oklahoma Gov. Frank Keating and Oklahoma City Mayor Ron Norick presented the USAR members with individual ribbons and an Indian chief’s headdress. Borough President Guy V. Molinari also held an awards ceremony in Borough Hall and proclaimed May 1, 1995, to be “Finest and Bravest Day” on Staten Island.”

  5. Hoi Polloi

    Glascoe is probably played by a real actor, now in hiding, with a different name, who briefly played a FDNY firefighter, contributed his face (and possibly given legal name) to the Vicsim for face parts of his surrounding fake firefighters.

    Observe. Looks like they slapped a hat on an actor’s headshot (or is it mug shot?) to produce “Firefighter” Glascoe : nyfd.com/9_11_wtc.html

    Since he loved dressing up and playing cops, why not firefighter? Why not get digitized and play multiple firefighters, if only via an eye, a nostril, a mustache?

    The actor credited as “Keith A. Glascoe” was unmistakably large, dabbled in acting, played a henchman in “Leon” and — if the description text is accurate — his family (including his children, provided they are real) received acting training as well. My guess is he could either disappear rather convincingly in a densely packed city or go to (southern?) Italy where the mob that protects 9/11 insiders would continue to protect him. His family can visit him on “vacations” if they haven’t done the separation already.

    One reason we might not hear a lot from 9/11 “family” besides the fact that many of the victims don’t exist, or keeping up appearances for the actor types, is because they don’t want to have to constantly lie in the face to people, which I would guess gets emotionally exhausting for all but the most psychopathic types like Howard Lutnick. So the excuse and the somewhat real answer is typically “I can’t talk about it.”

    The subtext is that they really can’t talk about it when asked because it would endanger them or at least their reputation. The fragility of the compound liar. The only time they can is when nobody is questioning them, they have the upper hand in bringing it up and framing the conversation themselves. Lies do not stand up to direct questions, they flourish under repeated telling when people’s attentions are not ready to defend themselves from it.

    One of the last appearances Glascoe made was a blurry background character in Rob Farber’s rather confessional (yet tiny low-budget) “Pirates of Central Park” pilot about kids sneaking around playing ‘pirates’ in Manhattan. It seems to be like that X-Files episode — another ‘in the know’ kind of pre-9/11 production about keeping crime a secret in New York. The 33-minute thing can be watched in full on Rob Farber’s active but bizarrely low-key (for the advertising industry) web site “RogueProducer.com“. Not so bizarre when many research angles on 9/11 hoax participants end up in these places. Slightly defunct looking sites that are actually ‘word of mouth’ businesses that scrape by on unknown connections.

    For me, that’s it for Glascoe until we get a sighting of him in a Corsican cafe feigning a thick Italian accent. What’s the other guy Max Ratt met? “Francis Esposito”? The guy that looks like his face was cloned and modified to create “Engine 33” character “Robert Evans”? Sorry, but Max Ratt is an amateur if he can’t see the fishiness of this whole barrel. Check out that section of names: terror.septemberclues.info/New…

    Which are the source faces? Which are constructions? It’s good for a reminder study once in a while.

    1. ab Post author

      Good explanation. Thanks Hoi. The minority of the vicsims that are not completely digital require quite a bit of extra explanation. If all 9/11 researchers just concentrated on this, then the whole hoax would collapse faster than the twin towers were shown to.

      1. Hoi Polloi

        Well, and you know what? I take back my statement. “Amateur” is too high a word for this Max Ratt fellow. I consider Simon, myself, you and others pretty “amateur” as well and I think it’s a pretty nice word to describe what we’ve been doing. There is no shame in being amateur.

        “Gullible” or “hypnotized” or something else might be better words for those amateur researchers who cannot be bothered to ask the tough questions just when clear evidence contradicts a theory.

        Obviously, we have had to always state that real people may have been mixed. But never have we seen evidence for those real persons’ deaths. And they are always connected to high profile folks. So … to say too many people would have to be involved is like saying a Hollywood movie has and can never been made.


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