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A dishonest liar

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en:Image:RANDI.jpg (Original text : James Randi)

en:Image:RANDI.jpg (Original text : James Randi) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Argh, just watching the the latest movie on the “Amazing” Randi. Such a contradiction watching someone who made a living deceiving, then exposing deception, and then being celebrated for exposing hoaxes and frauds, and then letting us down on the biggest deception of all, 9/11.

How can one resolve this unresolvable situation? Well, talking about it here with the very few that can see the ultimate contradiction and how it is itself a deception technique. Makes one wonder if Randi was really opposing Popoff or Geller for good intentions, since it only served to promote them and make them richer. Now that’s another contradiction!

More contradictions from the hero of the skeptics: his husband lied and stole an identity to deceive the INS!


On September 8, 2011, United States Department of State agents arrested José Alvarez, who confessed that his real name was Deyvi Orangel Peña Arteaga, and that he came to the U.S. on a two-year student visa after fleeing persecution in Venezuela stemming from his homosexuality. After Alvarez began his relationship with Randi, his visa expired, and without any way to renew it, he acquired from a local friend the name and Social Security number of a man named José Alvarez, whom Alvarez believed was deceased, and used it to apply for a passport in 1987.

I still recommend watching the doc.

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Should be an easy question

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I don’t think Mrs. Obama is a man,  but was her inability to quickly recall her length of marriage an aging memory error or forgetting the script?

Advance to 23:29

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