Wag the psyop

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Good listening.

Pearse Redmond joined me again to discuss the 1997 film Wag the Dog, a black comedy about a White House spin doctor and a Hollywood producer faking a war with Albania to cover up a presidential sex scandal.  We dug beneath the comic overtones to find a much darker subtext, talking about the total absence of moral values in the film, how the tone of the movie develops from a very light beginning to a very dark ending, and how both of the two main characters are probably based on very real and very significant people.


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4 thoughts on “Wag the psyop

    1. LennyLeverhulme

      Tom is a perennial fence-sitter/hand-wringer. He looked at 7/7 for years and still doesn’t know what happened. Here, Tom and his colleague, Keelan Balderson, analyse the Boston Bomb Hoax, where both struggle to decide if it was real, or a ‘false flag’. Alex Jones is too way out for these guys, and the “everything is fake crowd” unconscionable. See: archive.org/download/22April13…

      Keelan went on to attack David McGowan’s photo analysis of Boston (here: www.davesweb.cnchost.com/), and McG’s unremarkable conclusions that Jeff Baumann, the amputee, was acting, the bomb wasn’t real, the “victims” were phony and the whole thing was a hoax. McGowan wiped the floor with his arse.

      That was 2013. Dunno what Tom’s current position is. Hopefully his thinking has developed. I thought his CIA and Hollywood thing that Ab posted recently was pretty good.

      1. xileffilex

        He fascinates me, Lenny, because he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of these events, is highly intelligent, personable and a great speaker but won’t go anywhere near fake deaths – so I can’t take him seriously. Plus he won’t touch 9/11. Then there’s the great lacuna in his “CV”. Gatekeeper? A good subject for Ab to interview perhaps The Hollywood chat, however, was very good, I agree.

        1. LennyLeverhulme

          Yes, Tom won’t go near fakery with a barge pole. And his mate, Keelan Balderson, won’t even go near ‘false flags’ these days.

          The other thing that worries me about Tom is his eagerness to exculpate Mossad from any of his ‘false flag’ musings. I’ve noticed that a couple of times now, although the fingerprints of Mossad are, apparently, all over the “crime scenes”, esp the 7/7 event. For someone who’s looked into it for so long that seems like a strange conclusion.

          Rae West and John Friend would have a field day with that :-).

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