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Smashing skulls and food groups

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Carver,  Scarver, two similar names that are part of dramatic promoted media events.

If you thought the Dahmer story was impossibly scripted and a work of bad horror fiction, then this follow up story of his killer is equally silly, and even had this modern meme (what I believe is true) about certain unhealthy foods.

What?  This purported killer of a killer is now using his psychiatric skills to improve prison food? From busting skulls to improving prison cuisine.

How droll.

No wonder people don’t want to pay for movies in theatres. The movies played on TV as “news” are far more advanced and believable, and of course, free.

He partly blames prison food for his insanity.
“I found out in my own research what the problem is: Certain foods I eat cause me to have a psychotic break — bread, refined sugar,” he said. “Those are the main culprits.”

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