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Meet Mac

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Can we add ICBMs to the list of fantasy weapons? 300 miles per second? Swivel thrusters? If there are no nukes to deliver, why bother? Discuss.

Is this video satire or real? Its doublespeak is outstanding.

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Howard’s fake mention

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I don’t have a bad word to say about Humble Howard and Fred. How can I when Howard mentions this blog on Canada’s National morning show, heard all over North America on simulated satellite radio?

Their trailblazing with a terrestrial radio show turned Podcast is cutting edge and people are listening.

If my goal is to make my views more conventional, then converting budding fakeologists to fully fledged is the best way to do it.

Fast forward to 36:00 for two mentions over two minutes. Thanks again Howard for reading the blog! You’re a class act.

Toronto alt band Die Mannequin performs / Barb DiGuilio of Newstalk 1010 joins Emily Muse for the Panel of Women / The bullshit in Baltimore / More on Bruce Jenner.

* Duration: 1:54h, Played: 36:02

* Published: 2015-04-28 10:00:00 AM


* Show Notes: www.humbleandfredradio.com

* Episode Feed: Humble and Fred Radio – www.humbleandfredradio.com/pod…

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Androgynous chic

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Chris, John, and Henry reverse engineer the Masonic power structure dominating our media, military, and intelligence services.


henrymakow.com Feminism, The CIA, Culture Creation, The Destruction of the Family, Communism, Freemasonry, The Kabbalah,The Jews, White Nationalism., The War of the Sexes, The Transgender Agenda, The Homosexual Agenda, Television, Nation states as Controlled Opposition, Luciferianism,Judaism,Androgynous Chic__________hoaxbusterscall.com

* Duration: 1:20h

* Published: 2015-04-28 5:30:00 PM

* Episode Download Link (28 MB): recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-903…

* Show Notes: recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-903…

* Episode Feed: Hoax Busters – recordings.talkshoe.com/rss903…

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CIA and Hollywool terms

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Common words between the intelligence agencies and Hollywool:

Director, agents, actors

… All discussed in this broadcast.

Aaron Franz joined in the conversation as we looked at the film The Recruit, which more than any other film were covering in this season was moulded by CIA entertainment liaison Chase Brandon.  Like so many films, it tells the story of a young person inducted into a secret world with secret rules and codes []Tags: CIAcopycat effectJames Bondspy filmswar on terror(Read more…)

* Duration: 1:11h

* Published: 2015-04-20 12:20:11 PM

* Episode Download Link (66 MB): www.spyculture.com/podcasts/CI…

* Show Notes: www.spyculture.com/the-cia-and…

* Episode Feed: ClandesTime – feeds.feedburner.com/clandesti…

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Audiochat – April 28, 2015

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Who? Ab, Frank

What? Reviewing Fakeologist and the power structure


Audiochat Main Page|Audiochat Archives | (RSS Feed) | Listen at S3.fakeologist.com…


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