Meet Mac

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Can we add ICBMs to the list of fantasy weapons? 300 miles per second? Swivel thrusters? If there are no nukes to deliver, why bother? Discuss.

Is this video satire or real? Its doublespeak is outstanding.

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2 thoughts on “Meet Mac

  1. Alyeska

    Great video. Check out moment 2:33. “The narrator states that the rotation of the earth keeps the target moving”. Wait, I thought everything was relative. Isn’t the atmosphere being pulled with the rotation of the earth, thus pulling the missile along with it? That’s why a plane heading west takes almost the same time as a plane heading east (minus some winds) to reach its destination or for that matter, a plane heading north or south and even finding its destination. Hmm, something awefully strange here.

    1. ab Post author

      Different rules for different cartoons. Maybe that didn’t have enough writers’ meetings back then.


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