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ep33-K Ham Radio

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When: April 30, 2015

Guest: Sami from Cluesforum.info and right here at Fakeologist.com

Topic: Sami’s Candid Journey with Ayahuasca


Before Sami arrived K Ham talked about Ab’s post Meet Mac, and discovered that the little old ICBM Mac and the surrounding programs prompted the discoveries for Background Microwave Radiation which is THE PROOF for the Big Bang Theory. After about an hour into the show, K Ham is joined by Sami.  They have a revealing conversation about Sami’s experience with ayahuasca which intersected nicely with his discovering and dealing with the high-stress modern media.


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What if big heists are fake?

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They make for great movies – but do they have any basis in reality? Since most major news is fake, and belongs in movies and fiction, why not great heists?

Belief in the value of jewelry is just that – a belief. Without it, diamonds would be worthless clear silica. We need constant reminders that money, cash, has value. Similarly, we need reinforcement that fancy rocks are worth something. Propaganda is needed to reinforce the idea that spending thousands for pressed sand is a good idea.

This latest heist is, well, unbelievable. Apparently millions in security is useless.

My basis in reality for big robberies and their investigators comes from the Pink Panther movies. Extending this into “news” would be a good idea if you wanted to fool the masses.

The Pink Panther cartoon character

The Pink Panther cartoon character (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Scotland Yard is trying to track down jewel thieves responsible for an elaborate and costly heist last weekend in London’s most exclusive jewelry district. The thieves emptied around 300 safety deposit boxes.

Like something out of “Ocean’s 11,” the gang planned this heist down to every last detail, except, apparently, disabling the security cameras. It has emerged that British police could have, and probably should have, caught them in the act.

Secrets like who knew what and how thieves were apparently able to tunnel through walls, abseil down an elevator shaft, get past an 18 inch vault without triggering any alarms, and then get away unnoticed.

Source: Thieves drill into Hatton Garden, the heart of London’s diamond district – CBS News

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Freddy and Fredrica

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More amusing over the top scripting.

What’s with the psyop writers’ obsession with twins?

Can’t find the episode with Fredrica, so this will have to do.

More occult Masonic Luciferian symbolism:

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