Indy, Betty, and Kristy

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Sad story. Wonder if it’s true.

The 0;partner” wasn’t sad enough to put a death notice into The Star.

Didn’t see the promised story over at the Sim digital group site.

More noise?

Sorry for the hyperlocal story here, but this is what we all need to do. Research locally. Collaborate internationally

Kristy hodgson, 31, was walking her two whippets on Dundas St. E. near Carlaw Ave. on the afternoon of April 20 when a car drove up onto the curb and hit her and the dogs.Hodgson was critically injured and later died. Her dog Betty was also killed.

The second dog, Indy, survived.

Hodgson’s long-time partner, Nick Siskopoulos, updated loved ones to her condition on Facebook. According to his timeline, Hodgson was in hospital for several days before she died.

“Kristy Hodgson is resting. She is still in critical condition so please send all your good thoughts,” Siskopoulos posted on April 23. “Please keep sending Kristy your awesomeness she really needs it.”

On April 25, Siskopoulos reported that Betty had died. Four days later, he wrote, “Time for Kristy Hodgson to be with Betty. I miss you already hun.”

Hodgson was a freelance graphic designer and previously a camera technician at SIM Digital. On Wednesday, her former employer posted a tribute to her on Facebook.

“Kristy will always be remembered for her smile and laughter,” it says under a photo of Hodgson kneeling and smiling warmly, a whippet under each arm, on SIM Digital’s page.…

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