Have your 9/11 cake

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I wonder what kind of support columns these towers use.

An Austrian baker is under fire for creating a cake that resembles the terror attack on the World Trade Center, showing planes hitting the twin towers.

Source: 9/11 cake causes a stir | World | News | Toronto Sun

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2 thoughts on “Have your 9/11 cake

  1. PeterShea

    can i be harley (and eggs) guy?

    ‘what we are seeing here is a pan-cake collapse due to a cakastrophic flour-on-flour layered
    cascade effect caused by melting butter and hot knives.
    i’ll through this into the mix; the whole whirl took a battering today’.

    how’s this for conspiracy candy; lots of dough unaccounted for the day before the attarts and goo-goos weren’t scrambled when they should’ve been!

    all fingers point to the rouxge faced viennese!?!

    1. ab Post author

      Eggscellent attempt at gourmet conspiracomedy, chef Pierre. It is to laugh at, not cower from. We will all live longer.


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