Audiochat – May 4, 2015

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Who? Ab, Rollo, Videre


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4 thoughts on “Audiochat – May 4, 2015

  1. John le Bon

    Thanks to Rollo for giving our show a plug. We did indeed spend a fair bit of time covering vaccinations in our most recent episode of the ARP. You can download the mp3 from the episode page here:…

    For those who aren’t aware, the Australian federal government recently announced that as of Jan 1 next year, parents who do not vaccinate their children will lose up to $15,000 per child in tax rebates. Our tax and transfer payments system is more socialistic than you might think, so this will affect far more people than simply those in lower socioeconomic categories.

    It is one small step away from forced vaccinations and the rest of the ‘Five Eyes’ nations had best realise this is coming to them soon, too.

    1. ab Post author

      It appears that Aus is a literal and figurative petri dish. I have no doubt it will come to Canada next. We need to educate people how they can get out of this by conscientiously objecting and still collecting their entitlements.

  2. babette

    Just wondering if the Philippe Petit tight-rope walk between the Twin Towers in 1974 was faked.

    Watch the movie “Man on a Wire” (recommended by the Hollow Towers crowd).



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