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Date: May 7, 2015

Guest: Rochelle Joins K Ham in the second half of the show.

K Ham discusses her recent post:

Turns out the Pyramid Builders are from Black Africa


Gatekeeping in Academia



Read more:…

This is the Best video to listen to in order to learn about how the academic world has worked rather hard to dismiss Robert Bauval and The Orion Theory. We get an inside view of how nasty academia can get, besides the obvious controls.

Egyptologist Robert Bauval on his Fight Against Mainstream Historians [FULL VIDEO] April 2015…


*Special thanks to Delcroix for producing episode 34 of K Ham Radio.

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15 thoughts on “KHA34-K Ham Radio

  1. khammad Post author

    Yes, the relationship between John Hancock and Robert Bauval is an interesting one. They seem to go back to the late 1980’s or early 1990’s. They co-wrote a book published in 1996 titled Message of the Sphinx. Here is the pdf of the eBook:…

    After Robert came to his realization about the pyramids, he first wrote to many Egyptologists, and others interested in ancient archaeology to get their impressions and comments. Robert knew he had to put his theory out there to let it be scrutinized and to see if it could be picked apart. So far, Robert’s Orion Theory has held up under scrutiny. During this vetting phase of his theory, all the crazies attached themselves to Roberts wagon. Does that make Roberts theories crazy by association?

    It is strange, though, how Hancock went from pretty black and white conclusions based on findings about the Sphinx, to way out there conclusions based on very little finding that ancient aliens were involved. I am not saying if the ancient alien idea is true or false, but in making great claims one should have great evidence to support it. Hancock seems to be making great claims with out the evidence.

    In reading a lot of Robert Bauval’s work, I felt he did not go the route of extraordinary claims. Instead, Robert was pretty conservative in his conclusions about his findings. I appreciate that.

    At first, the fact that the way out there alien folks were some of the few websites supporting the Orion Theory and hosting videos of Robert made me shy away, for fear of looking foolish. But as a fakeologist, I gave it a closer look and think I can successfully separate Robert back out of the fray, and just look at the Orion Theory with out all the nonsense others have attached to it.

    Another interesting partnership in this group of researchers is the two German fellows, Dr. Dominique Goerlitz and Stefan Erdmann. Leave it to the Germans to find machine residue inside the pyramids. And there is a lot of it. All of the granite beams have this residue on it. There is enough residue to have samples for all, but unfortunately the US State Department has forbidden any more of these samples to be taken.

    1. khammad Post author

      Outright lies about Dr. Dominique Goerlitz and Stefan Erdmann from mainstream:

      Men Who Vandalized Egyptian Pyramid To Prove Theory Face Charges…

      Daily News
      German conspiracy theorists vandalize Great Pyramid to prove it was built by Atlantis…
      Two German students have vandalised part of the Pyramid of Khufu to help ‘prove’ their Lost Civilisation theory…

      Hear what the 2 Germans have to say themselves:

      Iron Discovered inside the Great Pyramid of Giza April 2015

  2. Tom Dalpra

    Blue Moon said : ‘Look into that research- Especially you flat Earth apologists’-

    I’m not a ‘flat Earth apologist’ but I think it’s natural to question what shape the Earth is. I don’t know.
    Is it worth me looking at it, and if so, have you got a link?

    I had a little look at Hancock and found a whole load of bullshit as far as I could tell, I probably was looking properly.

    1. Blue Moon

      K has distilled it very well- I liked Fingerprints of the Gods enough to read some of his other books- The Mars book was the last one I read- Concluding that Mars was wiped out by what amounted to a point blank shotgun in the face by meteors sounded good enough for what I remember him providing as evidence- Bauval always seemed like the adult supervision Hancock needed- As for the flat earth, I have to say I’ve got a Goldbug-like aversion to it- I think it will further denigrate the fakeology advance- Sure, research is fine, but expending so much energy with exotic math trying to prove something there is no physical evidence for and has become the catch-all insult of non-consensus thinkers is why its so toxic to me- Like the white power/Hitler apologists crap, flat earthers will have to be amputated from this community, that I have no doubt- Who/what goes with that severed limb into the dumpster I can’t say but it will hurt- Apocalyptic jeremiad concluded- (PS- I promise in the future not to post after last call)

      1. khammad Post author

        Blue Moon, if a theory or an idea can be disproved in 30 seconds, to keep discussing it is painful to witness. I couldn’t agree with you more.

      2. Tom Dalpra

        Haha, cheers Blue ( and hi Kay 🙂

        I love the hyphenated- Mickey-Spillane- Blue Moon -style : ” Concluding that Mars was wiped out by what amounted to a point blank shotgun in the face by meteors”

        Mars to me now – a fat waitress squeezed into a red dress like a tomato.

        I’m with you on most things. On the D.M.T. trip, for example, whilst I see some real interest
        ( I listened to ‘Sami’s trip’ – great- enjoyed it – informative ) and that there is insight to be gained from psychedelics – I see that the whole thing has had a push from trendy/mainstream/alternative academia. I’ve close friends who were doing the DMT trip via Professor friends at Cambridge University ( England) in 2009. Ancient Shamanism for The New Age was being pushed.

        On the Flat Earth, I’m not sure. I’m not comfortable with language like : ” flat earthers will have to be amputated from this community ”.
        What is a flat earther? It’s a meaningless pejorative as far as I can tell. If you mean people offering bad research in support of the Earth being flat, then fine , but in my experience this language is a familiar trait of the bigot. Sorry. I don’t think you are a bigot, but I think that’s bigoted language.

        Conspiracy theorist, Climate Change Denier, Holocaust Denier, No-Planer.

        ‘Flat Earther’ starts to feel like one of those. And guess what? They all turned out to have a lot of truth to them.
        There’s no push from mainstream Academia that the world might be flat.
        The very nature of the Earth we stand on would surely be an obvious thing to control the perception of ? It’s our ‘slave-cage’. Call it a ball, and you’ve set limits, in people’s heads. Very effectively. Now the public have their ball and they want to keep it! They get cross when people tell them it isn’t a ball.
        The thing is…the ball is an imaginary one – a lovely colourful, blue and green, imaginary one.

        In ‘Plato’s Cave’, as I see that we are, then this would seem to be an obvious thing for our owners to have done. They may not have, but at this point, with what I know, I think it’s credible.
        And clearly I’m not alone on this site.

        That all said. The research should speak for itself. Goldbug talks about JFK.
        It doesn’t make JFK a bad subject.
        When Ab posted Mark Sargeant, I felt it was like someone posting some dumbass plane analysis video about 9/11. That doesn’t mean 9/11 isn’t a worthy subject. I was woken up by Alex Jones, after all. I took it as Ab having a bit of a general revelation, along the lines of…”wow they really may have pulled that big con off about the shape of the Earth. ”

        Again, just the other day Ab posted a 16 minute Eric Dubay video which claimed to prove the Earth isn’t spinning because otherwise planes would land in a field! Haha!
        The only thing being, of course that the official story doesn’t say that we spin separately from our atmosphere.

        It’s tricky. It can be such a turn-off to some and I’ve read what K has said about it.
        K and I have been on her show and laughed, genuine cathartic laughter at the absurdity of all the bullshit that’s thrown around about these big questions, but for me the Big Question here, is still completely valid.

        Cheers for now

          1. Carole Thomas

            Hi smj
            Any information on Leonard Mlodinow, the author of “The Drunkard’s Walk: How randomness rules our lives”?

            He’s dabbled in quantum theory and has ties to Berkley:

            “While a doctoral student at the University of California, Berkeley, and on the faculty at Caltech, he developed (with Nikos Papanicolaou) a new type of perturbation theory for eigenvalue problems in quantum mechanics.[1]Later, as an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Physics and Astrophysics in Munich, Germany, he did pioneering work (with M. Hillery) on the quantum theory of diele”

            … he’s been a screen writer for ” Star Trek” and “MacGyver” and is a best buddy of Stephen Hawkings:

            “Apart from his research and books on popular science, he also co-wrote the screenplay for the 2009 film Beyond the Horizon[3] and has been a screenwriter for television series, including Star Trek: The Next Generation and MacGyver.[1] He co-authored (with Matt Costello) a children’s chapter book series entitled The Kids of Einstein Elementary.
            Between 2008 and 2010, Mlodinow worked on a book with Stephen Hawking, entitled The Grand Design.[1] A step beyond Hawking’s other titles, The Grand Design is said to explore both the question of the existence of the universe and the issue of why the laws of physics are what they are.”

            … and he “witnessed the first plane hit the tower” on 9/11:

            “MLODINOW My kids went to school at the schools that were a block or two away from the World Trade Center and I would take the subway right at the World Trade Center back to Uptown, a few minutes Uptown to where I work, which was just on the border of the Village on Broadway and I happened to be standing under the building and saw the first plane come in, fly over me and fly into the building. It’s a long story what happened after that. I was hit with debris and injured. It’s a long story because my ex-wife was living two blocks below the Trade Center and just had surgery, my son was at the school there and I was trying to find them, get together, and I got caught in the collapse and trapped and that’s s a long story, but that’s s a book in itself.”

            By the way he had a dream about the debris of a plane falling on him before this traumatic experience “for real”. See him muscle in on a discussion about a totally unrelated matter and get in his 2 cents worth:

            (Scroll to 16.40: Our man Leo is the guy in the T-shirt, arms crossed, next to the speaker (Michael Shermer) .Watch how eagerly he tries to grab the microphone.)


            PS I recommend watching the rest of the clip. It is immensely satisfying to see him getting demolished philosophically by Bernado Kastrup and not even realising it!

          2. smj

            carole- i haven’t heard of this solipsistic jerk. apparently everybody might just be a figment of his imagination; yet he’s really into quantum theory. i reckon the good bishop would be proud.

            “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”
            -george berkeley

        1. Carole Thomas

          Hi Tom
          I agree.
          The Big Question never goes away and I believe no-one knows The Answer. Therefore any question is valid. I think we are a minority of curious people who are asking questions that are irrevelant ( or lunatic) to people living in consensual reality. We don’t have to be afriaid of the questions per se, but of course we can be critcial of the answers.

        2. Blue Moon

          TD- I’ll concede that I wielded the term Flat Earther like a cudgel as THEY have a want to do- Bad Fakeology, that- As for trying to determine the shape of the Earth, I need more than the concept of mathematics as a metaphorical extension of our supposedly limited senses to determine what’s beyond our conscious reach- I’ll add imagination and instinct and intuition to my senses and hopefully common sense will cohere these elements into something functionally plausible- A globe is just fine with me- Our major organ of perception, the eye, is a globe- It’s organ mother ship, the brain, is something akin to an oblate spheroid, flat at the poles as the Earth is sometimes described- We, like our mother ship, Earth, are made up of the same percentage of water to solids, 70-30- To imagine an organism as unique as humans being the expression of a planet’s environmental corollary seems perfectly natural to me- And, in my opinion, three dimensions on a two dimensional planet seems like one dimension too many-

          1. Tom Dalpra

            Cool. Concession appreciated Blue.

            Interesting . I like your global thinking, it makes some sense to me. Of course, that 70-30 ratio could be deliberately contrived for The Earth, to help make us feel more at-one with our imaginary ball ? 🙂 Or maybe we’re on a flat surface under a lens-like dome, still making the whole cell , round ? 🙂

            Where I’m at with the shape of the Earth, is that I had some kind of epiphany with the old ‘ships-disappearing-over-the-horizon’ thing. It seems to me that it can simply be explained as an optical illusion and not proof of a round Earth. Yet still it’s taught in schools as proof of a globe.

            That alone throws the whole thing open for me, regardless of actual shape and limit.

            I reserve judgement, and, at risk of sounding like a broken record, wait for someone to first explain to me how refraction means we can see round the curvature of the Earth while looking across a body of water?


    2. khammad Post author

      Yes Tom, this is exactly what I am talking about, others attaching The Orion Theory and Robert Bauval to their own crazy theory in order to gain legitimacy.

      1. Carole Thomas

        Hi K
        Have you ever heard of the “Cygnus Theory”?
        I guess you could call it a rival theory to the Orion one.
        Basically, its propounder Andrew Collins contends that the pyramids on the Giza Plateau are more accurately alligned to the constellation of Cygnus. He sees this constellation as being the source of some sort of cosmic rays called cygnets (that’s the official name that astronomers use for them) that affected human development:

        “In my opinion, this communion with the great unknown in deep cave settings led the ancients to celebrate the idea that we are star-stuff by teaching that the sun was periodically reborn from between the thighs of the Cosmic Mother, symbolised by the Milky Way’s Great Rift which begins in the Cygnus constellation (something that might indeed be depicted in the Palaeolithic cave of Chauvet in southern France). Moreover, I feel sure that at least a proportion of the cosmic rays that arguably caused mutagenic changes in DNA during Palaeolithic times came from the direction of Cygnus, the location searched originally both by anthropological writer Denis Montgomery and ex-NASA scientist and astronomer Aden Meinel for a source of cosmic rays hitting the Earth.”…

        An interesting alternative (despite the NASA red flag), at any rate:-)

  3. Blue Moon

    Post this Khamm ep ASAP- Bauval was a partner with Graham Hancock when Hancock was in his prime and had interesting theories about the really ancient past- Yes, the Giza necropolis is a very important thing- Today, Hancock is apparently pushing DMT as some sort of gateway to enlightenment ala Timothy Leary and LSD- That Ayahuasca stuff which I believe is no better than morphine for pain, not some gateway to higher planes of perception- So what if THEY got to Hancock- He and Bauval did great work in the past- Look into that research- Especially you flat Earth apologists-


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