Knowing you don’t know

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Tom aims his first podcast at the 0;everything is fake” crowd.

He cites an interesting doc that is said to be based on a true story. I’ll take his argument that fakeologists take things too far by questioning whether this doc itself was based on a real story. IT seems like an unbelievable story (especially since the parents were said to intervene).

Watch for yourself and then listen.

This is the first episode of my new podcast for Boiling Frogs Post. This will be a weekly show and future episodes will only be available to BFP subscribers. In the opening episode of this new show Tom explores the question of conspiracy theories and the roles they can play and effects they can have, both good and bad. He offers the case study of a documentary about a teenager who tried to incite his own murder through an internet chatroom, and draws out some parallels between that story and how

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1 thought on “Knowing you don’t know

  1. sami

    Wow, he actually believes this is a true story? They tell you in the beginning and the end that it “couldn’t be a work of fiction” … haha! good one!

    I think Tom is as gullible as “Mark” … this bad Hollywood B-movie script is awful!


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