Petroleum to air to water

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How this video isn’t more popular shall remain a YouTube mystery/secret.

There are so many topics that this unknown man brings up, but let’s start with control. Using pscience (false science), rich people used a=b b=c therefore a=c to convince pscientists and globalists and their propagandists to convince all relevant fields to rename petroleum a 0;fossil fuel”,  and before you know it you’ve got a scarce,  worldwide controllable commodity.  Using false logic to leverage language and you’ve got a stick to herd the world. Fantastic, perhaps by accident at first for pure profit, but then captured by agents of world wealth to use for their own evil intentions of control.

Watch how they do it for air.  This is what the past 25 years of global warming propaganda will do, making CO2 (human exhaust and plant food) a global, quantified commodity.

Watch how they do it for water. Where I live, 7%/annum water rate increases with the excuse to redo water and sewer lines.

Metering and rationing necessities and unavoidables to make you want to crawl into a box.

A box that ready have waiting for you.

H/T Carole

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5 thoughts on “Petroleum to air to water

  1. MaxRatt

    Great Clip … And Dinosaurs are FAKE … No such thing … Never existed… Its a STUPID STORY concocted by … Guess? … The Rockefeller Camp … To create the impression of a “False Scarcity” to keep prices high. I’m thoroughly convinced that the “internal combustion engine” is an ARCHAIC Technology which coulda been and shoulda been replaced many decades ago by FREE energy from several different technologies which are outright suppressed by the Oil Cabal Criminals.

  2. Carole Thomas

    What happened to the good old Brontosaurus?
    Answer: Despite news to the contrary, he is alive and kicking!

    Turns out the Brontosaurus was once doubly extinct.
    It was extinct because it is a dinosaur, and as every school child knows, dinosaurs went extinct – ooh – a very long, long time ago.
    And it was extinct because it appeared that its official name was Apatosaurus.

    How come?

    The Bone Wars :

    Turns out that in 1877, Mr Othiel Marsh , the guy who allegedly dug up and named the Brontosaurus excelsus – Noble Thunder Lizard, didn’t realize that someone else – Mr Edward Drinker Cope – had already allegedly dug up the very same dinosaur type some months before and had already given it a name – Apatosaurus. This error was discovered in 1903 and rectified.

    But it was difficult to steal Bronto’s thunder (!) and nobody appeared to take much notice. The US Post Office (up until 1989), Sinclair Oil and museums all over the world still continued to refer to it as “Brontosaurus”.

    But now this year, 2015, Bronto’s back with a vengeance. Turns out he is allegedly a separate species after all!

    Interestingly the name Apatosaurus has an evocative meaning for us fakeologist. It translates as Deceptive Lizard, or I suppose you could say, Fake Lizard:-)…
    More cool images courtesy of Sinclair at the following site:…

  3. ab Post author

    We need to investigate how tied dinosaurs are to the oil is a fossil fuel myth. Were they invented to start conditioning at an early age? Perhaps Sami addressed this already in the museum audio.

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Of course these days it’s not said that fossil fuels come from dead dinosaurs.
      I’m surprised to read:
      ”The truth is, no one is completely certain how oil originated, migrated and accumulated.”

      All we have is the prevailing wisdom ( oh yes, prevailing wisdom ) based on over a hundred years of production history ( controlled by Rockefeller et al who patented it )
      has it that crude oil was formed from layers of dead organisms lying on the sea floor for millions of years. Over time, sand, clay, and limestone layers covered the rich organic sediments, which are typically fine-grained shales, choking out oxygen and allowing bacteria to break down the organisms.”
      Oooh, and the whole process takes at least ”a million years” , a million.

      What a scam.
      Go to customary proof by cartoon.


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