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Energy merry go round

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The nuclear energy hoax is an example of controlling the dialectic –  good energy (nukes) / bad energy (coal) . We now see one fake incident (Fuk-u-shima) making the merry go round spin again, this time back to coal.  No surprise that US occupied Germany relies on US coal.

Our controllers own all the horses on the merry go round. So when they retire an old one, all based on a myth, another new one is built to replace it.

Come back here in 50 years to see whatever new magical source is invented (thorium plants?)  In the meantime,  burning stuff is the only way we know to make reliable power.

It’s quite laughable that one “accident” can shut down an entire “industry”. There’s no preventive step to fix all their fake nuke plants?

Fakery costs you real dollars. Big time.

Thus, the Germans have increasingly turned to coal as their power generation source of choice, especially U.S. coal. Today coal power plants are responsible for generating nearly half of Germany’s power, and numerous new plants are scheduled to come online in the next few years.


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