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The reason for Nixon’s ouster?

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Can Presidents really go off script? I think not, but even if it was scripted, it still served as an example I suppose of what could happen if a real person got in, or more realistically, if a real person actually questioned the power structure. I still wonder who’s behind the Rockefeller facade. They can’t be the top.

However, back in the early 1970s, the whole operation had been “infected.” One man, a crook, a President, a liar, an insecure parody of a head of state, Richard Nixon, went off script. He REALLY went off script.

Source: A fantasy that explains Globalism « Jon Rappoport’s Blog

A good question is: can globalism ever be reversed? Will a modern country ever stand up to it in our lifetime? Is it an unstoppable freight train?

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Titanic Olympic Brittanic talk

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Even though Tom mocks our research, I still enjoy his discussion of various topics. He mentions a term new to me: disaster capitalism. It seems our non essential needs economy is built on disasters, real and mostly fictive. War is the ultimate disaster capitalistic event.

In this episode I take a look at the alternative/conspiracy theories about the sinking of the Titanic, in the context of mass trauma events and disaster capitalism.  I look at the theory that the Titanic was switched for its sister ship, the Olympic, and that it was the Olympic that actually sank in April 1912.  […]Tags: alt mediaconspiracy theoriesfilm violenceWW1(Read more…)

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Secret societies are grey by design

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It’s no wonder our research is difficult. The haze is deliberate.

The Under the Sun series comes to a close (at least for now).  This installment centers upon the occult significance of the color grey.  Grey areas and contradictions surround us, but is there anything that  we can actually do about them? Much of the purpose of the Mysteries has  to do with resolving this sort of confusion and conflict Topics discussed in this episode include: rose, popular music, color,  adages, cliches, occult, esoteric, night, dark, gray, evil, ignorance,  chaos, Abyss, creat

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H/T John Adams

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