Titanic Olympic Brittanic talk

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Even though Tom mocks our research, I still enjoy his discussion of various topics. He mentions a term new to me: disaster capitalism. It seems our non essential needs economy is built on disasters, real and mostly fictive. War is the ultimate disaster capitalistic event.

In this episode I take a look at the alternative/conspiracy theories about the sinking of the Titanic, in the context of mass trauma events and disaster capitalism.  I look at the theory that the Titanic was switched for its sister ship, the Olympic, and that it was the Olympic that actually sank in April 1912.  […]Tags: alt mediaconspiracy theoriesfilm violenceWW1(Read more…)

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* Published: 2015-01-04 11:58:26 AM

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5 thoughts on “Titanic Olympic Brittanic talk

  1. khammad

    I appreciate your comment!

    As a fakery researcher I am always worried that I might be subconsciously manipulated and fall right into the gatekeeping trap. There is a pretty sweet example of this in the Robbie Parker video. Just like we have NLP, there is an optical equivalent. Perhaps we can call it subliminal imagry, but it is much more sophisticated. How do we know if we are being affected by it? One example is the sound logic with the false premis as mentioned above. Are we ourselves subconsciously accepting sound logic with a false premise when we choose new ideas for further research? I attempted an apportunity for self reflection in my initial comment to Abs post.

    Is the thing to look out for even what we think? Perhaps the endless barrage of facts obscures the real path to truth.

  2. khammad

    The following is the type of thinking that keeps us from understanding the mechanization of the elite. I guess we can also call this an example of gatekeeping.

    At around 23 minutes, Tom uses logic:

    If the owners sunk the Titanic and committed horrific mass murder for the purpose of insurance fraud, then are the owners the sorts of people who could morally and psychologically do such things and not feel so horribly guilty they have to end up confessing?

    His words feel like neurolinguistic programming. it doesn’t matter that the statement is in question form because our brains still pick it up as a statement of logic.

    I was listening to this audio with a friend, who later told me “I don’t think people are capable of all that killing. It is not how we are made.” Let us consider another way to say this statement that my friend picked up on in the audio that was well placed by Tom.

    If the owners sunk the Titanic and committed horrific mass murder for the purpose of insurance fraud, then they would feel so horribly guilty they would have to end up confessing. No one has confessed therefore horrific mass murder never happened. Therefore, the Titanic really did hit an iceberg, and those poor people really did freeze to death in the Atlantic ocean.

    If one commits mass murder, then one confesses. No one has confessed, therefore no one has committed mass murder.

    This is sound logic, it’s the contrapositive equivalent. Problem is the premise is wrong. First we have to agree that mass murder even took place. Then we have to look at middle and lower class morality that require us to feel bad if we break the law or feel guilty if we do something morally wrong. Why would we assume the upper class or elite class feel bad if they break the law? I don’t think Mr. Walmart feels guilty about depriving 1.4 million Americans of a living wage and turning them into indentured servants.

    The misuse of logic is a powerful tool in supporting the required propaganda. I heard Lenon Honor talking about alternative media. You know you are listening to alternative media because it believes in all the same events as mainstream media. The only difference is alternative media has different reasons for things that have happened. Both the mainstream media and the alternative media support all the same ideas. Lenon Honor uses the term independent media to explain researchers like us so I will use that term. Independent researchers like us go back one more logical step and ask if the premise is true in the first place. Did that event even happen?

    1. Carole Thomas

      Hi K
      I’m happy to see someone else has picked up on this BS that terms itself NLP. I normally don’t go there because so much BS in one place gets me kind of agitated. You just need to look into the biographies of the people who created NLP and see the abyss they crawled out of ( not going to go there either now,) but someone has to call it out. Hats off to you for wading into the manure.


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