A look at media fakery

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Videre, Del and KHam review media fakery. I haven’t had a chance to see/listen to this, but will listen to the audio today.

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  1. PeterShea

    great live performance tom. you should be on the telly mate.
    rubber johnny’s favourite song to play was ‘come together’ I believe.
    another difficult area for investigation and proven to divide even seasoned
    fakery investigators.
    I myself believe that all the beatles were replaced early doors and that it was
    a fake lennon that was fake killed in 1981.
    some good research here I remember going through a few years ago but I try not
    to get too hung up on it anymore.

    the neck skin creases (which I can’t replicate) and the information regarding the c.i.a.
    make-up artist is v. interesting. if that is the real level of sophistication, we are in trouble.
    I would like to see Richard investigate the Obama/Osama notion and post his findings.
    here are a couple of my efforts from a few years ago;

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  3. Videre

    Great info guys! I’m sure these were used by those who control us in the day… but like Tom, I’m not seeing the fakery on the John Lennon video.

    1. Videre

      I feel honored by the confusion Richard offers below to try to bury the very real and obvious cgi that we presented in our youtube. Nothing like framing a nugget of truth with impossibility.

      1. richard benedict

        I do not mean to confuse, only enlighten. I am simply trying to show how the “sim” game was played before CGI, thus establishing a historical record in the nascent field of Fakeology… as well as detailing how deep the hustle goes.

        @Videre, if you would like to analyze these two videos of Lennon singing the same song and tell me they are the same John Lennon, fair enough.

        I placed a profile comparison below.*

        IMHO, our leaders, culture and icons are given to us. No one owns their own personality.

        “Eric Clapton” was a “Guitar God” sim that was given to me in my formative years.

        Here are two different Eric Claptons.

        The hair color is different, the… nevermind.

        Again, Videre, if you analyze these videos and see one Eric Clapton, fair enough.

        In the future, I will refrain from material on musicians. I will stick to showing how this is done with the nation’s political leaders. Russia’s Putin, for example.

        Gramsci and Wilson Bryan Key wrote about how powerful, emotionally charged cultural icons are used in the construction of our our mores, values, etc. Musicians are arguably the most powerful. In the case of Lennon, it was deconstruction of our mores, (see Gramsci and cultural marxism.)

        BTW, if that is the same guy below, I will eat my fakeologist hat.

        1. Videre

          The one on the left is an older version and he has had his teeth worked on. The nose grows as we age. The aged Lennon on the left does match the one on the right. The movement of his nose when he sings is the same. To me, they are the same person.

          Why such a crappy copy of the young version? You don’t see he face for much of the song. Is this a cgi that appeared long after his “death”?

          Apologies for my Lennon ignorance…

          1. richard benedict

            Here is the young one from Dick Cavett in 1971 and 1972.



            Compare him with the Tomorrow show interview 3 years later, 1975.


            What were your thoughts about the Eric Clapton video?

            Also, have you ever considered the thought that Sandy Hook was poorly was done on purpose? With all of the resulting “exposures” and “revelations” anticipated?
            Indeed, a necessary and desired product?

          2. ab Post author

            The more you watch the Dick Cavett interview, the more you realize Yoko was set as a distasteful distraction to take you off the replaced John Lennon. Everything is about the unlistenable and unviewable Yoko – so we never get a chance to listen to the new John who probably could only lip-sync. The deception is amazing.

          3. Tom Dalpra

            ab said:
            ”Yoko was set as a distasteful distraction to take you off the replaced John Lennon” and ”we never get a chance to listen to the new John who probably could only lip-sync. The deception is amazing.”

            Haha, Tim, are you having a funny turn? I think the only amazing thing here is your imagination.
            I can only imagine It must all hang together like a Fetzer thesis in your head.
            It seems so credible doesn’t it?

            Yoko, she’s so hideous and weird, it explains it all ! She’s a distraction from the rubber Johnny.

            Haha. The thing is she was an avant garde artist when Lennon met her.
            It makes me laugh when you call her a distasteful distraction. You sound like such an old Conservative. One person’s distasteful distraction is another’s sexy rock star wife.

            There was plenty of well documented chances to hear Lennon while he was with Yoko. Talking and singing.

            There’s no evidence here to back-up the claim Lennon was replaced, at all, save the claim that it looks like Lennon is an actor in a rubber mask in the Cavett interview, because of the way his skin folds on his neck.

            Pah. Some people’s skin looks like that. As Sami and Videre have also suggested, this Richard Benedict ‘research’ is obfuscation.

            Dick ‘Eggs’ Benedict – special agent, was already on the naughty step from the moment he made his first post on this site, as far as I was concerned.
            I wasn’t the only person to rubbish his suggestion that all the Beatles were replaced. It doesn’t surprise me that he’s posted this here. only that you seem to have bitten.

            I’ve been on this site from the start. I’ve posted some genuine, original research. I’ve probably made twice as many posts as anyone else in the forums.
            I’m rubbishing this Richard Benedict conjecture and ask you to reconsider.

            What do you say? Do you really think it’s a rubber Johnny? Because I can only laugh, if you do.

          4. ab Post author

            Ok Tom I’ll admit I haven’t looked at it closely..mainly because I’m not that interested. I remember being quite convinced that Paul was replaced, so I have no real reason to imagine that John was not. I’m not willing to back any of that up with evidence so you can leave my comments as simple conjecture. So is your position that there’s no chance John was ever replaced? Can you remind me of your position on Paul? Let’s audiochat if possible.

          5. Tom Dalpra

            Ok Tom I’ll admit I haven’t looked at it closely..mainly because I’m not that interested. I remember being quite convinced that Paul was replaced, so I have no real reason to imagine that John was not. I’m not willing to back any of that up with evidence so you can leave my comments as simple conjecture. So is your position that there’s no chance John was ever replaced? Can you remind me of your position on Paul? Let’s audiochat if possible.

            Phew! I’m glad you said that 🙂
            ‘Yes’ to audiochat. I’ve been busy and my computer doesn’t show the ‘chat’ from this site at the moment so I’ve missed the odd message to go there.
            Will make efforts, cheers!

        2. Damorouse rechelle Fleming

          The above comment is an understatement John Lennon was a character just as all of the Beatles were replaced you can’t tell through a study of biometrics and through photographic evidence John Lennon was replaced every year since 1964 then after hard days night the fat Elvis John Lennon appears he is even on the front cover of hard days night and in help.they replaced him again with the John call Jesus John controversy he had extra long nose myopic looking eyes and he is pictured in the middle of the revolver album then you have pepper John! There is also another John in the movie how I won the war you have to be blind to see that is not John Lennon matter of fact there are two doubles don’t get me started on Paul McCartney but the fact is the Beatles were a product of Tavistock institute on human relations they served a purpose and perpetrated mass manipulation on a public level unprecedented anywhere in the world right in front of peoples faces but of course people are so stupid they cannot say with a critical eye they believe everything the news and the media tells them they are not capable of critical thought you have to be critical minded to spot these fakes and imitators they Beatles had a lot of interchangeable members and were in a put together an affair from the beginning George Martin wrote all the canes the so-called Beatles had no hand in any of it whatsoever. Also Elton John retired and not teen 77 and admitted it the very next year in January 1978 people magazine comes out with the new Elton John the front cover pictures a bug add clone who is weird looking. And also Bernie taupin dissapeared for a while too and Gary Osbourne took over.the world is a stage and you’ve been had.

    2. Videre

      This shows us more of the CGI. Notice no shadows and that they don’t notice each other?

        1. xileffilex

          Thanks Videre – hadn’t seen that one…very early analysis indeed. Did you get a “Lesta vibe” from the production? The videographer was clearly part of the hoax, else she/he would have been hustled away pretty sharpish. It’s a one take film with errors which may or may not be cleaned up.They rely on us not searching the video frame by frame to pick out the silent scene setters and handlers.

          1. Videre

            Lesta indeed Xilefilex. 🙂

            Every character in this vid is doing something dramatic. This is not found in reality. This is only found in a CGI production where characters are (not so) carefully layered in.

            The character/actor gotcha exposés are written in to mislead or draw the viewer’s attention away from the fact that they are all computer generated.

            The shaking of the camera is just another attempt at hiding the shoddy animations.

        1. Videre

          Thanks Carys!

          Gotta love the slide~

          Loved the youtube links you provided from the movie, “The Congress”. Funny how people just can’t take it one step further and see that is where their news is coming from.


  4. richard benedict

    A provocative analysis of the Robby Parker scam. Everyone is to be commended.

    There is a precedent for what Kham is asserting in her post. By way of background, I am posting an interview of the actor playing “John Lennon” from his interview on Tom Snyder’s “Tomorrow” show in 1975. I wish to show the techniques that were used in the past, before CGI, and how if you are observant, you can detect the cheat. Watch this video for the first six minutes… It is worth it. It’s better to open it on youtube in a full screen mode. Watch “John Lennon”’s neck right above the scarf the whole time as he speaks. Screen shots don’t give a full impression, you have to watch it in motion. Note the wrinkling at the base of the neck. At 3:16 wrinkles are really bad. Try to look at your own neck in the mirror, turning your head right and left, up and down. And compare with what you’ve seen in the video. I haven’t seen such folding even on very old people, and Lennon was considerably young at the time, and skinny. Notice that he doesn’t have one single wrinkle on his face, but the neck is saggy as an old stocking. This is why he needed to add this unnecessary scarf to his outfit – to cover the neck.

    1. richard benedict

      Also, I am posting a screen shot of the silicone gloves the actor wore. This was to eliminate any discrepancies between the complexion of the face and the hands. Go to the 6:58-7:02. Then go back to 1:57-2:04 and you can see the silicon gloves on his gnarly finger

      1. richard benedict

        Finally, here is a shot of the type of silicon masks used. If you watch the whole video you will notice this cat is acting guarded in his body language. He is guarded in everything he does. What I mean is that his personality and the way he is relating to Snyder is as a person who extremely circumspect and cautious. He comes across as a hyper-vigilant person…mentally marking everything and everyone in the room. Every interview or public appearance this actor does is an OPERATION. The cat in the video is high level intelligence agent. The silicon masks explains why the double playing Lennon (or any double) does not have to be a precise physical match but is a good voice match for public exposure.

        “How deep does the hustle go?”

        Richard Benedict

    2. richard benedict

      The man is wearing a silicon mask. This is what accounts for the strange unnatural wrinkles.

      1. richard benedict

        Here is another shot of the silicon mask with wrinkles around the neck.

        Here’s an article about former CIA officer, who was engaged in making silicone disguises for decades, working undercover. The article is called “The man who makes faces”


        Old spy tech.

    3. Tom Dalpra

      Richard Benedict, your first post on this site was some mad clap-trap regarding The Beatles.
      You claimed they were all replaced.

      Your comments posted here on this post, are more of the same.

      The Beatles appear to be a topic thought worthy of Goldbuggery ( as Sami puts it).
      UK spook Andrew Johnson likes a bit of Beatles G’buggery.

      The research should stand up for itself, but I would like to think that this site doesn’t indulge this kind of crap, too much.

      1. LennyLeverhulme

        Hi Tom. Did you look at the article at medscope, about Bob Barron, cited by Richard above (see medscope.blogspot.ru/2009/10/man-who-makes-faces.html…)? Similarly, Bob’s own commercial prosthetic site (see www.prosthesis.com/) which showcases his work making life-like silicon masks and body parts, is worth a closer look.

        Personally, I thought Richard’s information gave us an interesting insight into how “body double” fakery can be achieved convincingly — and has been, apparently, for donkey’s years.

        1. richard benedict

          Thank you everyone for your comments. As Ab has pointed out many times, there is no manual on how to expose media fakery-we are pioneers blazing a trail.
          The point I wanted to make about pre-CGI methods is in this article about former CIA officer, who was engaged in making silicone disguises for decades, working undercover. Now he is retired an is making his own business using his skills – silicone prosthetics and face parts for people who were somehow disfigured. The article is called “The man who makes faces”


          Here’s some exerpts from the article:

          “The detail of his natural looking prosthetics – whether a finger or hand, an ear, nose, orbit with ocular, full or partial face – is a marriage of artistry and science fused by his natural talents and more than twenty years as the Central Intelligence Agency’s top Advanced Disguise Specialist.
          Yes, as it happens, the CIA really does have agents traversing the globe undetected behind other people’s faces á la Mission Impossible. In a clandestine world where lives depend on meticulous detail and realism, Bob’s lifelike facial prosthetics are indistinguishable from real human features.”

          “Agents depend on the realism of that disguise to keep them alive, and their lives would definitely be in jeopardy if that disguise attracted attention; you want them to distract attention. I have to say that I never lost an agent. There was a lot riding on my shoulders to keep that agent alive, especially when they were going into an area where they knew that they wouldn’t come back if they were caught. I must have made a pretty big name for myself when I was in the CIA because all the agents wanted me to work on them,” he laughs softly. “Sometimes I had to go to where they were to fit their disguise, and it was dangerous. It was challenging and dangerous and it was fun.”

          “He spent years training how to completely alter a person’s appearance by crafting imitation ears, noses, eyebrows, moustaches and complete masks. Barron learned how to interchange the colors of skin on black, white and Oriental spies. He learned how to make silicone look exactly like living skin.”

          “The agents would rely on the disguises to keep them alive, and the realism is what they were looking for. You have to pass the closest of scrutiny, about six to 12 inches. We had to see if we could better our product so that the agents’ lives were not jeopardized.”

          In the article are stunning photos of what silicone can do:

        2. Tom Dalpra

          Personally, I thought Richard’s information gave us an interesting insight into how “body double” fakery can be achieved convincingly — and has been, apparently, for donkey’s years.”

          Fair enough, really, obviously I have no problem with that, Lenny. I’m informed by that as well. I’m just saying specifically that the idea that Lennon is in a rubber mask there as suggested by Richard Benedict, is bullshit. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s my firm opinion, right now. As I said before, Richard Benedict previously made a post suggesting all the Beatles were replaced. This too, I would suggest is complete bullshit.

          I said what I felt at the time and he replied in his usual ‘level’ manner. Fair enough. I’m happy to leave it at that, for now. Some nice links to some relevant technology here, but not some original research.

          Get back Loretta, in your turtle-neck rubber mask.

          Now, from 20 seconds in this video of me, look at my neck. Yes, it’s a rubber mask. Every time I go anywhere, it’s an Op. I work for MI5. Yeh? You’re buying that, yeh?

          1. LennyLeverhulme

            @Tom: I hear you. Guess this is a point of genuine disagreement.

            I’m one of those heretics who also likes to think ALL the Beatles were routinely replaced and substituted during the lifetime of the product. I’ve come to see the Beatles, through my new fakeologist’s eyes (no, not silicon implants) as more akin to a corporate brand name, a franchise, programming icons for the whole fabulous 60’s psychedelic psyop. And with many actors routinely playing the four roles. I thought long, long ago that John Lennon had been replaced, and even said so then, and I still think it now.

            The only difference now is that (I think) I understand ‘why’, and am beginning to get an amateur’s grasp on ‘how’. Information, such as Richard posted here, while maybe not original research is new to me, and welcome.

            If this silicon-based, pre-CGI technology, existed, then it’s no big stretch to imagine that they used it, in all manner of psyops. A body double John Lennon in a mask, scarf and gloves on the Tomorrow Show? Why not?

            Doesn’t seem to me any more outrageous than a Robbie Parker CGI-man.

            PS, And I think you have a lovely alabaster-like neck, you handsome devil 😉

          2. richard benedict

            @Tom, I looked at the 20 sec mark on, where the claim is your neck skin folds the same way as Fennon’s, but it is not true. First – you are playing a harmonica, which means your neck is very tense. On your neck we see VERTICAL folds, which indicate the tension of sinews. Fennon is relaxed, not blowing anything, sitting in a chair, speaking calmly. And his necks folds HORIZONTALLY. Please see my comparison picture at the bottom of this post.

            Tom, you have a lot of wrinkles and folding on the face too, while Fennon’s face looks smooth like a baby’s butt. He has those folding only on his neck, in one single place.

            It is not suprising people have difficulty seeing this in the video. I myself rejected the whole idea of celebrity replacements after thoroughly examining it many years ago. However, a few years ago, a Doris Day movie marathon was playing. I remembered that it was asserted the real Doris Day disappeared and was permanently replaced in the 1955-56 period. I watched the two morning movies pre 1956 and then the next movie was post 1956. I will never forget the image of “Doris Day” getting out a station wagon in a plaid shirt in the post 1956 movie. It was not the same person. No doubt. No question. Period.

            Just as Ab did with 911, applying the logic of replacement to others, I began re-examing doubles. Result? as SMJ has brought up “Do we underestimate how far the hustle goes?” Answer: IMHO, Yes. Big time.

            Just research Doris Day’s replacement and the answer stares you in the face. The replacement’s son’s Terry Melcher , dated Candice Bergen ,one-time girlfriend of Henry Kissinger, etc. And lived in a house that was central to the CIA-run-False Flag manson Family killing / hoax that heavily referenced the Beatles/Featles. 10050 Cielo Drive was where Peter Fonda supposedly inspired John Lennon to write “She Said, She Said”. The Manson murders came 3 1/2 years later in 1969. The real Doris Day had a song Dig It.

            The fake Lennon mentions her in his song “Dig It”.

            Research Candice Bergen’s background

            I refer to the Beatles simply because, IMHO, they are the 911 of celebrity replacements. Everyone knows them. They are protected by disinformation (Tina Foster and the Paul is Dead PSYOP). Ab states he believes these PSYOPS are done within the law. He is right. Look up the original contract Brian Epstein signed with the Beatles in 1962. Section 2, paragraph (g) provides for hiring doubles, at the Beatles expense of course.

            Veteran Hollywood film editor David Healy, at the 2003 JFK Zapruder Film Hoax symposium ,said he discovered a book in the UCLA film library archive that said 1/3 of all World War II U. S. newsreels reporting on the war employed fakery.

            Healey provides evidence of an important historical precedent for media fakery. I offer the material on the Beatles to establish a similar historical precedent for celebrity sims.

          3. LennyLeverhulme

            Interesting Richard. The thought of watching daytime Doris Day movies gave me mental illness so I searched out another short YT clip of the pre-1956 Doris, and asked myself: “Is this the same face/voice/woman as in the Hitchcock movie “The Man Who Knew Too Much”?

            Pre 1956 Doris Day singing “Lost horizons”:

            And the other Doris from the Hitchcock movie:

            I think it’s a different broad. Different voice quality/timbre, different face and body shape. Again it’s a subjective opinion.

            I can understand that this is a bridge too far for a lot of people but given what we now know about the culture creation racket, it shouldn’t be an impossible idea to entertain, even if one reserves judgement.

            And it’s not Goldbuggery either. Dallas is saying a few select elites play everyone, but this thesis is opposite: many faces behind the same mask.

    1. khammad

      Holy cow Videre, seems like you found the technology to make the whole programming thing not be such a nightmare. Just program the path. Cool. Seems like CGI Video clips from the hoaxmasters is becoming more a possibility.

    2. Carys

      That light stage reminded me of the 2013 fantasy movie The Congress with Robin Wright, where the actress’s body, thoughts and emotions are digitally scanned to create a new computer-generated sim “Robin” which is then used in new movies.

      The story, which is based on Stanislaw Lem’s The Futurological Congress, hinges around this kind of tech.

      1. Carys

        A couple of pertinent clips from the movie The Congress (2013)

        “From the minute the studio pays and scans, the actor isn’t an actor. He’s just a person. A nobody. And the actor he once was is, from now on, a character in the studio’s computer.”


        “So what happens to the actor?”
        “What actor?”
        “The one that used to be the actor and is now this computer creature.”
        “He goes off to… ‘play golf’ somewhere.”


  5. Videre

    Sharing the comment left on youtube:

    gabrielsyt 2 hours ago
    You made a great case that the Sandy Hook people are sims. That makes a lot of sense now that I think about it. I agree with you that Robbie Parker laughing is a distraction. Recall they also gave us the video of the people walking in circles at the fire station. I think that is probably another distraction to make it seem there were real people there. That video gives credence to those people being actors doing what they were told. In actuality probably most or all of those involved with Sandy Hook are CGI creations.

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