What was the Concorde?

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The reason2 posed some questions about the Concorde airplane, thinking maybe it took the 0;flat earth” routes to make its flight times shorter? I honestly have no clue, but there does seem to be some and other nostalgia swarming around this most fast bird. Even the famous simulated British super-engineer/entrepreneur Richard Branson has links to this most mysterious plane.

references to the plane: cluesforum.info/viewtopic.php?…

The possibly bad special effects in the above video, and the occult body counts, make this above event questionable to say the least.

I have no doubt that the plane existed and made lots of noise when it took off and landed, but who could verify its speeds?

A search for Concorde and hoax brings is occluded by the April fool’s joke in 2009 that the plane would make a return engagement flight. This makes it hard to search for anyone else questioning the details around the plane.



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3 thoughts on “What was the Concorde?

  1. John le Bon

    Thanks for posting, Ab.

    The cluesforum thread on this is interesting and I would like to post there, but my registration STILL hasn’t been accepted, and it has been two weeks or more since I attempted to register there.

    If you are reading this, Hoi, can you please expedite the acceptance of my registration at cluesforum? I think I could make some useful contributions there.

  2. Thereason

    Thank you for posting Ab
    I am suggesting that Mach 2, or Supersonic was made up, clearly to take advantage (For the few) that this non spherical earth/ land masses are a lot closer together than we have been taught, they required for there own purposes, a special vehicle which would enable the deception to work in there favour.
    Vouloir Concorde..!!
    Queen’s trips to Barbados on her Silver Jubilee in 1977
    Pope John Paul II May 1989
    Heads of France and the United Kingdom flew Concorde many times (Chartered)


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