Something fell out of me

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Dad and grandparents appear real in the video (actors?), but is the story a made-for-mother’s day fairy tale? Sure seems that way to me.

Ada Guan, 23, delivered her baby with the help of three doctors aboard the plane. She was travelling from Calgary to Tokyo with her boyfriend, Wesley Branch.

Source: Ada Guan, B.C. woman who gave birth on plane, didn’t know she was pregnant – British Columbia – CBC News

Question: Does any female with an age in double digits believe it’s possible to not realize they are pregnant? Does any male around any female on a regular basis not notice even the slightest change in demeanor or physical appearance in said female on a daily, if not hourly basis?


Awful photoslop job


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3 thoughts on “Something fell out of me

  1. derealium

    in a surprise report, an Asian in Canada covers a story about a Canadian-Asian who didn’t know she was pregnant.

    In a hat-trick surprise, her white husband’s hat had a Saturn-ish logo. Or was it Satire-ish

  2. Videre

    Oh look! Evidence from another crappy camera. It appears that in this day and age only newspeople own them…


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