Wrong questions

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This series illustrates one thing: you don’t have to worry about the answer when the whole narrative is asking the wrong questions.

All the fakers center on today is the victims, a simulated group that we call vicsims. The actors used to play their families are called crisis actors.  Trotting out children (in this video,  the girl mentioned 3000 9/11 children😄) is another tactic to help deflect the central lie,  the kernel of the 9/11 deception: nobody died as we are told on 9/11,  making the 28 page redaction story irrelevant. These Congress dupes can lie with a straight face knowing that they are arguing about fiction, therefore making their words quite meaningless, like commentary on the latest Hollywool movie.

If real people died on 9/11, many times more than the placeholder token family members would be out and screaming.  As incompetent as Congress is believed to be or is portrayed, I’m sure one or two would work harder if real people were killed or involved. One can only hope.

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