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KHA35-K Ham Radio

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Date: May 5, 2015

Guest: Rollo


Subjects Rollo and K Ham discussed were the news of the day, honest researchers,  torcher, and the holocaust.  Videre, Delcroix and K Ham recently made a video titled A Look at Media Fakery.  The big question is could some of the videos we see emanating from hoaxes be pure or partly CGI? Another big question is what if the whole grouping of videos for a particular hoax is CGI? Rollo tells us his thoughts on money and  CGI in the media, the tv show Braking Bad, Sami’s K Ham episode 33 about Ayahuasca, and much much more!

11 11 by Tiller Wills – The Most Diehard Hardcore Song Ever!



Eckart tolle



A Look at Media Fakery video



A Look at Media Fakery post



*Thank you to Delcroix for producing Episode 35 of K Ham Radio.

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Study these dust clouds

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I think they’ve got dust cloud animation / cut and paste movie making down pat, comparing real to fake.

Watch this clip with the view that these crisis actors are running from either a green screen or nothing at all along closed New York streets movie sets. Notice the varying audio levels, and other signs of movie making.

Perhaps we should substitute movie making for fakery. Sounds more positive and easier to communicate.

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