Study these dust clouds

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I think they’ve got dust cloud animation / cut and paste movie making down pat, comparing real to fake.

Watch this clip with the view that these crisis actors are from either a green screen or nothing at all along closed New York streets movie sets. Notice the varying audio levels, and other signs of movie making.

Perhaps we should substitute movie making for fakery. Sounds more positive and easier to communicate.

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4 thoughts on “Study these dust clouds

  1. MaxRatt

    The Giant Dust Cloud billowing down the street on 9/11 was REAL! I had several INCHES of that dust on my terrace on the 25th floor several blocks away from the Tower collapses. Lower Manhattan was COVERED with that dust! My close and personal friend and her Dad were both covered in that dust head to toe as they ran from the Towers.

    1. Videre

      No doubt! A controlled demolition of that size would surely leave some dust behind. 😉

    2. khammad


      The dust on your terrace on the 25th floor several blocks away from the Tower collapses, and the dust on your friends might be considered physical evidence. Physical evidence of what though? Of some buildings that have collapsed near by? Most likely. It seems reasonable. Where else could the dust have come from?

      Another source of dust could have been from military grade smoke machines pumping continuous smoke for hours and hours. A real building collapse doesn’t smoke or produce dust for that long of a time period. Most demolition smoke clears up within the hour.

      But let’s get back to the evidence part. Is the dust on your terrace the from the same dust that was seen in all those videos? Probably not. There is no way for you to vet the authenticity of any of those videos, so they cannot be used as evidence of any crime. Were the twin tower buildings standing in the morning of 911? Yes. Were the buildings standing in the afternoon of 911? No. Obviously.

      So the thing we are studying is HOW the buildings came down. Not IF they came down. In order to properly study the day of 911, one has to throw out all video footage as positive evidence of a crime. You cannot deduce how the buildings came down from the video evidence. One cannot find truth out of falsehood. For example, prove Santa Claus is real. You can’t, because he is not real. The only thing video footage can do is be proven false. And many researchers have already done so.

      Let us recap, dust on New Yorkers on the day of 911 is certainly real, dust as seen in 911 video footage cannot be proven as real and is in no way related to the dust found on your terrace.


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