FAK146-Johnny Cirucci

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Who? John Cirucci

When? Sunday, May 17, 2015 8:11pm EDT


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Johnny’s podcast: Resistance Rising

Johnny’s Book:

Illuminati Unmasked: Everything you need to know about the “New World Order” and how we will beat it.

Greenland Theory

Walk Sickel and Tom Friess Interview

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4 thoughts on “FAK146-Johnny Cirucci

  1. derealium

    Does it really matter who infiltrated who as long as the participates in what we see as injustice and insanity are pointed at? It’s not one race, religion, or large group, it’s the leaders of almost every grouping you can come up with. And it is based on a common thread of Mystery Babylon that runs through them all.

    I support people speaking against the Jesuit Order because there are 1000X as many speaking against “Jews”. And when I look at the history of America’s clandestine agencies, War and state dept leaders, it’s full of Roman Catholics, and if they aren’t Catholic, they went to Georgetown or Fordham. The origins of this controlling mechanism are deep in the past, we can only analyze the present and point to the current who’s and how’s if we really want to get to the bottom of it.

    I actually propose that we stop naming groups and start naming more names…

  2. wanda

    The Swiss Templars and the Jesuit Order are Jewish. How do we know? Well, history for one… the real history, the one where everything dovetails and there are no gaping holes and everything makes sense. For two… the names and acronyms used also tell the tale. Do you think it coincidence the Swiss Templars has the word temple in it? Are the Jesuits JewSuits? That too seems fairly obvious when we consider that the Jesuit order was started by one Ignatius Loyola, a “converted” jew (like that happens) in 1539. The Jews were in the world and calling the shots far longer than either of those two groups… and the Jews are supremely adept at infiltration and subversion… and creating false fronts. If we ever want to be free we need to be completely honest… and we have to think things through for ourselves. If we are ever to be shed of this evil it has to be taken out right on down to its roots.

    Mystery Babylon The Great – Catholic or Jewish? watch.pair.com/mystery-babylon…


    Ab, i would like to know which magician is telling you to look at the Jews because from where i sit, i see they are making laws criminalizing calling the monumental extortion racket known as the Holocaust what it is. They are making laws criminalizing having any sort of discussion about Jewish criminality. And as far as i know, Jesuits are not behind the open air mass murder going down in Palestine.

    Freemasonry is Jewish Talmudic Communism, and it is also our “secret” government… that is how the Jews get it done. Freemasonry is a self policing slave/slave master system.

    Just a couple of other points out of the many hundred, if not thousands i could toss out… did the Jesuits purchase the boats that brought the black slaves to America and register them in Jewish names? Do we pay Kosher tax on all our foods to the Jesuits? I would like to see some evidence that Jesuits have been kicked out of anywhere near the 84 places (some 109 times historically) as the Jews have.

  3. MaxRatt

    I took a little bit of time to listen to this podcast … He is pushing some “cruise missiles” used on 9/11 garbage. In my opinion, at best Cirucci is a misled moron but more likely just a nonsense spewing clown. Not a fan.

    1. richard benedict

      I believe the best way to understand the power structure is with the graphic below. Think of watching a carousel at a carnival. You are standing in front of a carousel and watching the horses revolve. When you study a power group, it is as if the carousel stopped and you are examining a horse. If you go behind the horse (power group) to the second ring, you are looking at an initiate. Finally, when you access the third ring, there you will find the real string pullers and they are Satanists. This is why each group examined can be convincing proved top run things, but when you examine the next group it appears that one is in control. It also account for the organization and coordination.

      The graphic below illustrate the concept. I have taken it from one of Fritz Springmeier’s books. The inner ring is the locus of control, not the one given by Cirucci in the interview.


      I am not convinced that the Fritz Springmieir Cirucci refers to, the one we see after his stint in prison, is the same one. Listen to the Springmeieir’s lecture from the 1990’s.


      He does not say Jews are the sole controllers. Rather, they are elites from different front groups, who are guided by non-human intelligences from the spirit world.

      There are two cases that can be studied to demonstrate the spiritual forces at work in our world and how the dominion of the hidden powers is programmed into us. Our subconscious spiritual mind absorbs the message and we understand it spiritually. In the cases below, how are people who commit satanic ritual murder allowed to go free.

      Study the Amanda Knox case.


      Study the West Memphis 3 case


      “Even the jungle wanted him dead. That is who he took his orders from anyway.”
      Captain Williard*, Apocalypse Now
      Williard was played by Jesuit actor Ramon Gerado Antonio Estevez a.k.a Martin Sheen


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