The 11th

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The script for this latest myth of a myth was probably gathered from the other scripts drawn up before the release of the movie on 9/11/2001. It will be out just in time to celebrate the 15th anniversary!

There is no way you’re going to be allowed to forget about in my lifetime. I’m now predicting this will have a 50 year shelf life. It will take that long to develop the next level of simulation for the next super-psyOp.

So far the nature of the links between events in Denmark and those more than 3,800 miles away at the World Trade Center in Manhattan remains unclear. The casting of Lee once again suggests that reports of the 92-year-old genre icon’s retirement have been greatly exaggerated: the British horror stalwart also took the lead role in last year’s little-seen Angels in Notting Hill and appeared as wizard Saruman in two of Peter Jackson’s Hobbit movies, albeit via green screen from London as he was considered too elderly to fly to New Zealand.

Source: Christopher Lee and Uma Thurman attached to 9/11 drama set in Denmark

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