Why do they fake it?

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Bill Cosby

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Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto, greeting a nun at ...

Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto, greeting a nun at the Mayor’s 2011 Levee at City Hall. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bill Cosby, Jian Ghomeshi, Rob Ford. Three prominent media promoted personas that have gone down in the public 0;sphere”, only offering meaningless babble to defend themselves. What’s going on here? Why would anyone submit to such a public dressing down, especially if, as I believe, the entire circumstances and events are staged?

All events are made to look real, but if you follow up on each case, there are signs of a simulation. 0;Court” cases get thrown out, participants “die” or move on, and in the end, almost nothing happens from a real or legal point of view.

The effect is the same, however, and the 0;damage” is done. So why on this terra firma would they agree to it?

All I can think of is that they all belong to some sort of secret society, and this is them paying their dues to move to the next level or as a punishment for not agreeing to participate or wanting to exit from the society. Is this the or some equivalent group we don’t know about? The whole definition of secret societies make it nearly impossible to figure out, so once more, we’re forced to speculate.

Jian Ghomeshi

Cover of Jian Ghomeshi

Public humiliation

Public humiliation is the dishonoring showcase of a person, usually an offender or a prisoner, especially in a public place. It was regularly used as a form of punishment in former times, and is still practiced by different means in the modern era.
Just like painful forms of corporal punishment, it has parallels in educational and other rather private punishments (but with some audience), in school or domestic disciplinary context, and as a rite of passage.

Rite of Passage

The population of a society belongs to multiple groups, some more important to the individual than others. Van Gennep uses the metaphor, 0;as a kind of house divided into rooms and corridors.”[3] A passage occurs when an individual leaves one group to enter another; in the metaphor, he changes rooms.

Old Twitter thread disparaging the cancer faking

Bill Cosby Rape Hoax

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5 thoughts on “Why do they fake it?

  1. Blue Moon

    The only popular trope regarding who is in charge that I seriously entertain is the theory of intermingled bloodlines, Jews and Gentiles alike- Inherited power is as old as the hills but is completely antithetical to American ideals so no one develops much research in that area- The public power we see, as K suggests, is camouflage- The ruling families do inbreed but they also need a lot of help and recruitment operations like the Masons/Jesuits etc. I believe are for that purpose only- To bind outsiders under oaths to these fraternities with clear ranks of authority- That kind of organizing conspiracy with a seemingly benevolent façade is also as old as the hills-

  2. khammad

    I keep thinking that we can find the answer to identities of our rulers because it is right in front of us, but our minds have been formed to think in a certain way in order that they will not be discovered.

    Part of this forming of our brains must include how not to even look in certain areas. There is the obvious propaganda to make people shy away from looking into things, you know it, the aluminum foil hat that is put on conspiracy theorists. I fear that propaganda has a much more serious and subtle side, so subtle in fact, that we, right now, are not even aware of it.

    I think this is why we can’t see what is right in front of us.

    Think of all the institutions that form our minds: school, church, sports, entertainment including movies and video games, art, the written word, etc.

    I wish someone would write a book to let us know how to get out of the fix we are in. Perhaps titled “How to Un-Form your Mind for Dummies”

  3. khammad

    If I was part of the group that was secretly in charge of this earth, then I would hire people to do my bidding. The Rockefeller’s and their Foundations might be for hire as they have supported projects that are seemingly at odds with each other. Usually, groups concentrate on single issues like environment, child nutrition, clean water. But the Rockefellers have projects from bombs to buildings, and cockroaches to pyramids, to name barely a few.

    If I was part of the group that was secretly in charge of this earth, I would continue to make new hires to do my bidding. Consider The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations. Their projects are also extremely varied as well, from textbooks to toilets, and from polio to prisons.

    If I was part of the group that was secretly in charge of this earth I would also hide my existence by spreading disinfo that other super secret groups that are in charge. It is clever that Masons, Jesuits and Jews are basically closed groups. You and I can’t get in there. As far as information gathering, we are no further today than 50 years ago as to how Masons, Jesuits and Jews are really in charge. We can identify certain people as Masons, Jesuits and Jews, but we still have NO IDEA on how their power structure works. This is what I am waiting for, an explanation of their power structure. So far there is none.

    Identification of a Mason, Jesuit or Jew is not enough. I could find any characteristic that those in obvious power have and then make reverse logic statement. There are a lot of Jews in charge of stuff, so therefore, Jews are in charge of it all. We here at fakeologist.com do not believe Jews are in charge, although they certainly help, like the Rockefellers because we consider all the other Jews who are clearly not in charge. What about the loads of Masons and Jesuits who are also not in charge?

    To find out who is in charge, there are a few things to consider:
    1. What is the true sphere of their influence? From this, we might be able to back track to the obvious people.
    2. A look at the obvious people in charge might lead to a single group in charge that all the obvious people have in common.

    From all the opposing reading I have done on Masons, Jesuits and Jews, seems like they all lead down rabbit trails. It’s kinda of like religion. Can they all be right? Do I have to choose one?

    1. ab Post author

      Good summary K. The main difference between Jews and the Masons/Jesuits/SMOM is that for the most part you can join secret societies. They are an option. Most Jews are born into their “race” or “religion” and as such are unfairly categorized. Most Jews don’t have to disclose their allegiance since they’re identified by their family. Jesuits and Masons have nothing to identify themselves as occult (hidden). Being secret does make them easy targets, as they don’t want to defend themselves and therefore identify themselves. In that case, membership does NOT have its privileges. My beef is when secret groups get into power without disclosing their real allegiances. That’s when the public needs to question their true intentions.

  4. el sushi de la mancha

    ” All I can think of is that they all belong to some sort of secret society, and this is them paying their dues to move to the next level or as a punishment for not agreeing to participate or wanting to exit from the society. Is this the masons or some equivalent group we don’t know about? ”

    Good question Ab. But to me also, it does seem that the script which they are given and asked to play till a certain time is part of something we can’t really figure out without being part of that said System. And that’s probably way bigger than we actually think it is


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