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Another great interview with Chris and John, talking CIA and movies with Pearce Redmond.

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5 thoughts on “Culture Influencing Agency

  1. Daydream Believer

    I think a lot of people do what I used to do and that is ignore all aspects of something they may not agree with. He would rather jump to the idea that the people at Sandy Hook were all in a cult under mind control. I do think that there are cults involved and mind control but not like that I know a few years ago I would have made the same conclusion based on hours and hours of alt. media conditioning and That may not be the case here with Pearse who was nice to Chris and I and I enjoyed having him as a guest. Since I don’t know him personally I am I not going to speculate on why he engaged in logical fallacies but I understand why they do, they assume the information that they are analyzing is real.

  2. ab Post author

    All good points John. Why do all these researchers refuse to recognize that victims are simulated? They won’t even hint at the idea. They’ll agree to everything else that’s obvious, but won’t let go of this huge canard.

    1. Tal Shiar

      There are some nuggets of truth and then there is crazy. I recommend you listen to Lennon Honor and remind yourself of the emotional control that the media fakery has over everyone. This group of people kept trying to convenience their listeners that all of Hollywood is controlled by the CIA. That CIA controls the art world and created modern ART. Come on . . . Wake up people! You have been feed this bubble of fear! They want you to believe that they have that much control over everything and doubt that! Again, take the time to listen to Lennon Honor and understand the psychology.

      1. ab Post author

        In fairness, the podcaster were simply reviewing CIA themed movies. They were not implying that all movies are controlled by the CIA. Some of the movies that they have more involvement in are used to portray the CIA in a positive light. The main idea that I take away from their podcasts is that the CIA is more interested in synthesizing majority opinion than being a super duper secret dark spy agency trying to overthrow or infiltrate foreign governments.

  3. John le Bon

    Fascinating show on more levels than one. I am not familiar with Pearce Redmond but from this interview have learned that he:

    1) Thinks the Boston Bombings were real (people got hurt, people died).
    2) Thinks Sandy Hook was real (people got hurt, people died).
    3) Thinks planes were involved on 9/11.
    4) Is derisive of white rights.

    His explanation as to why there ‘victims’ seemed fake at Boston was amusing: ‘we don’t know what effect adrenalin might have had’. Good lord.

    Still, I am glad I listened to the show, and I have a new-found interest in Chris Kendall’s work. I will have to spend some time going through his back-catalogue, he seems like a very clued-on individual and a good interviewer as well.


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