Letterman and 33

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Back before I knew anything about the occult loving rulers, I was a big fan of Letterman. To say he and his handlers are deep into the 33 numerology is an understatement, according to number super cruncher Zach.

Further to my past post on humiliation and why do they do it, I now suspect that his admission that he bedded down interns was most likely a fake story to grant him his 33 status by performing a public humiliation. It probably had the added purpose of reminding people that his show was actually still on the air, as Letterman’s dry smug humor never had widespread (female) appeal.

While I haven’t bothered watching his celebrated 11 last shows, this orgy of outpouring for a dying medium of culture creation is obscene. Even his hero Johnny Carson (who was arguably more interesting) didn’t have such a protracted send off.


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