Maxvax with Videre and John

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Videre and John LeBon go at it on mandatory vaccination (or at least don’t poke, don’t pass Go) in Australia. With K Ham and a bit of Rollo.


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15 thoughts on “Maxvax with Videre and John

  1. Tal Shiar

    WOW, what a rude comment from “SMJ!” After listening to the full audio, I thought that John was projecting his fear onto to the group. If you listen carefully, I found that John presented no solutions and couldn’t get out of this “don’t trust the government” mentality. As for Videre, she actually presented a solution for John’s fear statements. Videre suggested that John take to his local congressman and take local action, much like K Ham said that she did with stopping her area from adding fluoride in her local water supply. John needs to listen to video by Lenon Honor and I think he will understand the psychology behind the fear bubble that he living in.

    Now, I can’t tell if John is just full of fear and wants to project that fear onto other Fakeologist or if he is a shill. He was basically trying to get the group to say that they were anti government and that they needed to take actions. Why?

    I would love for John to explain himself, but after SMJ’s comment, I am starting to think that this is shill activity. Also, considering that John and Rollo are the only people that live in Australia, than maybe they need to have a conversation among themselves. Also, Rollo brought nothing to the conversation. Other than drunken comments and distractions.

    1. ab Post author

      John is sincere I think. We are not getting the full dose of Aussie propaganda here. Listen to his roundtable to confirm. The fact that you’ll lose up to $15000 in child benefits if you don’t comply is a carrot turned into a stick. Once more money is the tool used to obtain your obedience.

      1. Tal Shiar

        Hey Ab,

        I think this might be your first comment to me, so thanks! Anyhow, here is some info on that so called “15,000 dollar tax credit” that you and John are referencing.

        “‘No jab, No pay’: Australia to get tough on vaccination with parents set to lose welfare benefits of up to $15,000 a year per child if they choose not to immunise (SP on their post)”

        After reading that article from an American point of view, this is an issue among people on welfare. So John stating that every person is going to be forced to have vaccines is not true. From my understanding, this only affects those living off the government.

        Personally, I am against some vaccines. I’m especially against the flu vaccine. I understood John’s initial concerns and when I first heard what he said I understood his fear. The issue that I have with what was said, was that John didn’t present a solution. He was spreading fear of vaccines and fear of the government. In addition, when he was presented with a solution, by two people, he didn’t even acknowledge it. Then I see this comment on the video, “If videre was so fuckin’ ‘beyond it’ she wouldn’t have to project so much.” This comment is rude and not necessary!

        Videre was presented a fear bubble, in which she stated that she was not interested in the subject. Must like you don’t want to discuss Chemtrails. She was forced into a corner, based on some random person who was spreading fear of the government. He was also baiting people into taking action against the government, which I don’t agree with either. Again, the solution was presented and there was no acknowledgement.

        Now here are some questions for you AB:

        Who was presenting a situation of fear?
        Who presented a solution to that persons fear?
        Who kept saying things against the government?
        Who presented a situation of staying calm and not getting all emotional about it?
        Who kept presenting more fear?
        Who presented her experience of local change and success?
        Who presented drunk rambling?

        Here are some Vaccine questions:

        What is a vaccine?
        How is a vaccine created?
        What is the vector they use to introduce a vaccine into the human body?

    2. ab Post author

      SMJ’s fantastic research into pseudoscience give him much currency to spend here. Videre was not giving John enough time to make his points and made the audio difficult to listen to.

    3. LennyLeverhulme

      Hi Tal Shiar. I listened to more than half of this audiochat, and like you I found some of it un-listenable, which is a shame — mostly because of the heat generated around the ‘fear’ thing.

      I also live in Australia, and unless you were here, you would have no real idea of the unrelenting propaganda campaign and psychological operation being waged against the general public 24/7, on behalf of the vaccine manufacturers. It is all-pervasive and sickening.

      The situation is this: if you don’t want your kids jabbed with over 30 different toxic cocktails containing mercury and Christ-knows-what-else, then you will be severely punished, financially, through the tax system.

      People who are opposed to having the Government force their children to have vaccines are now simply speaking out against the tyranny being proposed, which is what John is doing here. I can’t see that there’s any way else for people with a brain to respond to the current situation, other than to alert other people to the imminent danger, and to try and organise effective opposition.

      This is not fear-mongering. This is called taking action.

      On the matter of tax concessions, you don’t quite understand the nature of our tax and transfer system. In Australia, nearly everyone who’s not stinking rich relies on tax concessions as a form of income support. This is the way our tax system has been cleverly designed to make EVERYONE dependent on Government largesse. It’s simply not true to say that the punishments will only effect welfare dependents. Everyone from the working poor to the upper middle class will be effected by this. In fact, people on welfare benefits are NOT directly effected because they don’t pay tax. Not that this should matter, since the principle at stake here is whether it’s right for the Government to determine what mandatory drugs are pumped into your children, even against the will of the parents, all entirely at the behest of the criminal pharmaceutical corps.

      It seems to me that to label John’s response as ‘fear-mongering’ is akin to being in denial of reality, or to not properly appreciating our current situation.

      Also, on whether John and the Australian Round Table (ART) are ‘shills’, I can only say that I really, really, really don’t think so.

      I’ve been listening to the ART from the start and I admire and highly appreciate their great work in bringing information and analysis to an intelligent and skeptical Australian audience.

      For instance, I learnt from ART about how our banking system is dangerously leveraged in housing loans (see ART Ep 31:…, “China’s property buying spree”) , and that this fact has grossly inflated our real estate prices, requiring two healthy incomes to service your average home loan. So nearly EVERY home owner depends on these tax concessions to pay their mortgage. In threatening to withdraw them, our fearless Government has found the perfect weapon to beat our heads in, and compel parents to vaccinate their kids, whether they want to or not. I would never have got that kind of information from any source other than the ART. Simple as that.

      On positive solutions: a frequent guest on ART and also “Sunday Sessions with John le Bon” (here:…) is ‘Enchanted Wanderer’ who understands the current vaccine danger and comes up with many positive ideas and proposals each time she appears. She has also campaigned against fluoride in her local area. Other guests, similarly.

      You’d have to really listen to the podcasts to appreciate that ART and John are not fear-mongering at all — in fact, they’re all really positive and hopeful. They are not shills imho, but rather they’re doing what, ideally, good young activists everywhere should be encouraged to do. These guys are the fakeologists of tomorrow.

      You ought to give them a listen some time.

      1. Tal Shiar


        Thanks for the response! I would like to start off with a correction on one of the first things that you wrote. Unlike yourself or AB, I listened to the whole audio. I find that working out and listening to these audio’s gives me that extra push. Now in response to the rest of your comment. I truly understand that you are reporting that the media is focusing on this vaccine debate. I also understand that this is the way that the media is trying to play with your emotions. If you can’t see that you are a victim of systemic media fakery, then I am sorry.

        John and AB made statements with no actual facts. When I presented an article which explained the tax penalty, there was no response. Your response, while it was kind, was not completely accurate. The vaccines that seem to be listed on anything I have read are vaccines that have been around longer than my grandparents have been alive. Also, the use of mercury is no longer permitted in many vaccines and the only vaccine that is in debate is generally the mumps.

        As I stated before, I am personally against the flu vaccine, but that is because I have read the box that the vaccine comes in. Now, they have mandated the flu vaccine for medical personal at hospitals in the United States. I personally know of people who do not get that vaccine and still work in the hospital. They just have to wear a face mask while they work certain times a year.

        Now to bring it back to my initial post! I believe that John was just spreading fear! He never presented ways that people could make change. Think about it! There are a thousand ways to make change. For an example, California in the United States. The state of California had approved same sex marriage. The Mormon and Catholic Church’s united and got the signatures that they needed to get Prop 8 on the ballot. In this event, they mobilized enough people and presented a question to the public that was confusing. In return the people of California over turned same sex marriage. So the point that I am trying to make is that there are methods to make change. At the local level! Which is what Videre was presenting to John. In return, John just kept presenting a situation of fear, hopelessness, and basically there was nothing you could do about it!

        I cannot and will not live my life in fear! I know people who are conservative respond to fear differently than someone who is more progressive.

        Also Lenny, I will not be listening to John’s show. You must be one of his followers, because you really plugged the hell out of his show. Just going to his youtube page, you can see that it is full of media fakery and fear mongering. Does the title “Canadian government says boycotting Israel is a ‘hate crime’ not scream that? John likes to make a statement, twist words, and then run with it. That just bores me! Also, I am not a conservative and I feel like listening to John talk, was like listening to FOX news in America or reading WND news. Its full of fear and “scary” things! It’s also full of negativity!

        I’m sorry, but I prefer to have control over my life. I will not let other people control how I feel and my emotions. If you can understand that no one has real control over you. You were born with free choice and you can choice to not vaccinate your child. You can also leave the country you reside in, if those issues bother you that much!

        Again, I am sorry that this topic has scared you! I really wish I could help you. I promise you, that everything will be alright! Please listen to the video I attached. That audio explains the psychology of these events, why they are used, how it affects us, and how you can control the fear that they are trying to project on the people. Also, if you listen to the audio, you might understand where I am coming from. I know when I listened to this audio, I felt very relieved!…

        Best wishes to you! Again, thanks for your comment and I hope that you didn’t take an offense to my response. That was not my intention!

        1. ab Post author

          I did listen to the whole show after I posted it. If I didn’t like the audio, I wouldn’t leave it up. I like both John and Videre, and I hardly see any real controversy here. Too much drama for people with much in common. Move on.

        2. LennyLeverhulme

          Tal Shiar,
          You seem to be missing the main theme here:
          Unlike you and your friends at the hospital who can freely decide whether or not to have flu vaccines, Australians will no longer have the luxury of free choice, for the reasons my first reply explained: dire financial punishments. And I did explain the tax penalty. At length. Read my reply again.

    1. khammad

      It is difficult to communicate how one feels after personally confirming a piece of a fakery in an event. Especially in the beginning, when we are most affected by this new found knowledge. Whole new paradigms open up, it is a dizzying effect on one’s psyche.

      Since the 2 and half hour google hangouts where Videre, Delcroix and I are discussing cgi, I have already changed how I think on some of the issues and am still considering changing my mind yet again again. I feel like information is being thrown at me and it is so hard to choose what to catch. But when you catch the right ones and put them together and make a discovery it is awesome.

      In my brain, I see the discovery. Now I need to communicate it to others. This is one of the hardest parts of being a fakeologist imho. Anyone can listen, but not everyone tries to communicate their discoveries. Just look at the traffic on this site alone. The ratio between listeners to communicators is less than one percent. That’s ok. To put oneself out there requires a bit of bravery and of course knowledge. The best communicators have both of those things. A great communicator in this field of fakery is Simon Shack. I often admire his style and grace when it comes to explaining what he sees in his head to the world. I have found that Simon is patient in understanding that people have different levels of knowledge. He never belittles anyone on account of lack of knowledge, he simply explains a little further. I have noticed that Simon leaves all the negative tones out of his explanations and conversations. This makes for very pleasant for listening and reading. I always look forward to a new Simon Shack audio or post as I already know I am going to feel better after viewing and reading what Simon has to say.

    2. Videre

      Hi SMJ et. al.,

      I apologize if I appeared to be projecting. That was not my intention at all. I am unfamiliar with the propaganda in Australia and as well the popularity of John Le Bon. Looking back I wonder why I was drawn into that conversation at all.

      I will be sure to measure my words in the future and steer clear of topics that don’t concern me.

      Good luck with your information campaign John.

      All the best to you,

      1. aralsea

        Everyone had a good point…

        Don’t believe or give into the fear propoganda
        But…the prospect of forced “anything” is not good…
        Therefore have a plan in case we need to physically resist to maintain some freedoms of choice without serious consequences.

        Aral Sea


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