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I work there therefore they’re real

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Chris Hadfield works for NASA –  that doesn’t make the ISS real.

Here’s a recent feedback marked “praise”.

Name: Jared
Email: xxx
Comment: Ab, I thought I’d drop you a line regarding satellites, here’s a news flash THEY EXIST.. and I will tell you why. I’m an engineer for a major consumer drone manufacturer. We wouldn’t have multi-million dollar investors if we had no GPS technology and every drone we made just flew away if radio contact was lost. Get your head out of your ass you moron! You have some good shows, but this bullshit along with the nuke crap completely destroys what little credibility you have.

I will bet as much money as you want that satellites exist.. you name the wager and I will take it, I will even fly you out to Los Angeles and prove it to you.. just make sure to bring cash to cover your bet.

I’m ready to prove you wrong, will you admit it? Probably not, just stick to your bullshit that you and your 15 listeners can all keep talking about.
Type of feedback: Praise
Pathway to fakeologist.com…: audio broadcast
Ok to publish (user)name (if not an introduction?): Yes

What could he show me in Los Angeles to prove that satellites are real? A movie? Jared,  read through the cluesforum thread on satellites and start refuting their points.

Otherwise thanks for being listener #15!

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Osama Sim Laden

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It’s another big anniversary of terror story mind control- the mythical capture of the mythical sim Laden.

Daily Mail mega story of sim Laden

Great audio clips starting at 22 minutes.  My favorite from the AL Quaida online job application form:

Who should we contact if you become a martyr?

In a letter to his favorite wife:

Telling her to take fillings out in case Iranians inserted tracking device in the amalgam.

The CIA has great writers. Can’t wait for the 2016 update.


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