I work there therefore they’re real

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Chris Hadfield works for NASA –  that doesn’t make the ISS real.

Here’s a recent feedback marked 0;praise”.

Name: Jared
Email: xxx
Comment: Ab, I thought I’d drop you a line regarding satellites, here’s a news flash THEY EXIST.. and I will tell you why. I’m an engineer for a major consumer drone manufacturer. We wouldn’t have multi-million dollar investors if we had no GPS technology and every drone we made just flew away if radio contact was lost. Get your head out of your ass you moron! You have some good shows, but this bullshit along with the nuke crap completely destroys what little credibility you have.

I will bet as much money as you want that exist.. you name the wager and I will take it, I will even fly you out to Los Angeles and prove it to you.. just make sure to bring cash to cover your bet.

I’m ready to prove you wrong, will you admit it? Probably not, just stick to your bullshit that you and your 15 listeners can all keep talking about.
Type of feedback: Praise
Pathway to fakeologist.com…: audio broadcast
Ok to publish (user)name (if not an introduction?): Yes

What could he show me in Los Angeles to prove that are real? A movie? Jared,  read through the cluesforum thread on satellites and start refuting their points.

Otherwise thanks for being listener #15!

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9 thoughts on “I work there therefore they’re real

  1. sami

    If someone’s entire livelihood, career, belief system and reality as a whole depends on their belief in invisible unicorns, they will buy into the reality of invisible unicorns with everything they have and defend it with anger and contempt until the day they die. These people are fast asleep. They do not possess the ability to question their own belief systems or entertain the idea of turning reality upside down, even if it’s just as a thought exercise. They are literally trapped in a prison of their own minds, created by their own egos.

    It doesn’t matter that nobody can prove the existence of nuclear weapons or satellites, or invisible unicorns. All that matters is the dogma required to believe in such fairy tales.

    Thus, it also doesn’t matter if you can’t see the unicorns, they are there, and nothing you can say or do will prove otherwise. 🙂

  2. khammad


    False Satellite Advertising

    Before I get into drones, let’s discuss how satellites are falsely used in advertising for cell phone companies. Satellites have never been used in cell phone communication. I know a woman, let’s call her Charlotte, who works for a telecommunications company and has been doing some asking around on my behest. The engineers have all declared that NO SATELLITES are used, all communication is through ground-based antennas and transmitters. If you see an image of a satellite in a cell phone ad, it is for effect only, perhaps to make you think this company has superior technology, in order that you might use their product or services.

    Airplanes Do Not Use Satellites

    I know an aviation engineer who works at major aerospace company. Let’s call him Sean. Sean works on all manner of top secret projects and told me that in his experience, ALL airplane signals are Line of Site, every single one of them. Even top military spy planes. To support this idea, mountain tops that are along flight paths or signal paths have antennas and transmitters on top of them because mountains get in the way of line of site. The antenna on top of the mountain grabs the signal and the transmitter throws that signal over the mountain to the other side to increase the range of the signals. Again, NO SATELLITES are used in any part of transmitting a signal to the ground. All signals coming from planes are going to relay stations on the ground.

    Do Drones Use Satellites?

    Drones are currently operated through Line of Site. There are a few experimental drones out there that are trying to break through this boundary. “FAA in Partnerships to Test Beyond-Line-of-Sight Drones”


    There are many CLAIMS out there about the use of satellites with drones also known as UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), but read them carefully. Claiming satellite use is a way to get out of explaining the real technology. …. and then the signal gets sent to a satellite which relays it to a ground-based antenna. What are the specs of that transmission? The specifications of these transmission are always seem to be missing when one claims a satellite is being used. What I found in my research is that when satellites are not being used, transmission specifications are routinely stated.When satellites are not claimed to be used, one could use a ground-based tower or a plane-based antenna fin. Either way, these are both Line of Site transmissions.

    If one were to think that a satellite could be used in Line of Site transmission, then one could choose a circling low orbit satellite. Problem with Low Earth orbit satellites is that they are out of range half of the time, because they are on the other side of the globe. A company, in order to use the supposed satellites would have to contract with other owners of other satellites in range to relay information from satellite to satellite and then finally to ground based receivers. One would have to ask why put a satellite in space if it is only good for ½ of the time?

    What about geostationary satellites? A geostationary satellite is an earth-orbiting satellite, placed at an altitude of approximately 35,800 kilometers (22,300 miles) directly over the equator, that revolves in the same direction the earth rotates (west to east).

    There are many claims that UAV companies that claim they use satellites to aid in transmissions. Could they also be doing what cell phone companies are doing, using satellites as a marketing ploy?

    How Far Away Are Geostationary Satellites?

    If we can figure out how far away are satellites and also figure out the range of transmission from a UAV, then we can find out if transmissions from UAV’s can even reach satellites. What is the range of transmittion for UAV’s? To get just a general idea, the website below quotes 400 nautical miles (740.8 kilometers) is the maximum range from UAV to ground radar.



    My question is how can a UAV’s maximum signal range to a ground based radar station be 740.8 kilometers yet the signal range to a geostationary satellite is 35,800 kilometers. This is an increase in range by 4,700%. Bullshit. If that kind of signal range could be reached, then ALL transmissions would be using that technology to increase their own range. But they aren’t.

    Sean, my aerospace engineer contact, even told me that there is no transmission from a plane that can reach 35,800 kilometers (22,300 miles) which is the distance to a geostationary satellite.

    If the reader still thinks satellites exist after reading this post, then I have a challenge for you.

    How to prove that satellites DO exist:

    1) Find DISTANCE of satellite from object.
    2) Find the maximum RANGE of transmission from object intending to reach satellite.
    3) a) If RANGE is greater than DISTANCE, then the transmission will reach the satellite. Satellites are therefore useful. So satellites probably exist.
    b) If RANGE is less than DISTANCE, then the transmission will NOT reach the satellite. Satellites are therefore NOT useful. So satellites probably don’t exist. Might as well be a soda can floating around up there.

    1. Jack33

      Nice job Khammad.
      Very thought provoking.
      …and it looks like my uncle has some ‘splaning to do.
      I’ll contact him again to see if he can be more specific about this whole satellite business.
      And I’ll be sure to let everyone know what he has to say. I’m curious as hell to know myself.


      1. khammad

        Hi Jack33,

        Nice to meet you. You have brought up some interesting things to think about. Really, I can’t wait to hear your update.

        Best of luck (:

        1. Jack33

          Here is the response I received from my uncle:

          “The problem that limits one in a ground station is curvature of the earth. The station is not in a line of sight for the beam. That is why we send it to a satellite which retransmits it to other satellites and then back to the ground.”

          This didn’t answer any of my questions.
          In fact, you might say he’s muddied the water even further with this assertion.

          I’ll try again to see if he can provide me with the specific technical details of how this all works.


  3. lux

    “What could he show me in Los Angeles to prove that satellites are real?”

    I live in Los Angeles. Not far from JPL. They must have a satellite or two laying around. Your friend could point one out to you and win the bet.

    “See? I told they were real!”


  4. Jack33

    The guys who work with these drones certainly believe satellites exist.
    My Uncle is one of those guys. He’s a project engineer out in California for a company who develops drones.
    Last week, while he was staying with me for a few days, I took advantage of the opportunity to ask him a few questions about drone tech to see what he had to say about satellites.
    According to him, these drones are controlled remotely through singals that are relayed off geostationary satellites.
    When asked about whether or not there was a delay in the command singles due to this satellite relay process, he explained there is approx. a 4 second delay between the time a command is sent and the time it is received by the drone; this is referred to in the industry as ‘latency.’

    After doing a little research of my own, I discovered that it’s common place to remotely operate these unmanned drones over vast distances with conventional ‘land based’ wireless technologies, and with significant less latency.
    According to the information I found, a drone can be operated as far as you want to take it, as long as there is a repeater every 90-100km. That distance between repeaters can actually be extended to 300km, if placed a top a tall hill or structure.

    So to recap, yes, these guys believe they’re working with satellites, whether or not it’s true, is anybody’s guess.

    1. ab Post author

      The repeaters bouncing signals off the atmosphere, like HAM radios, is all the technology they need. Add digital to the equation, and you add accuracy. None of this requires the imaginary satellite, and it certainly requires exponentially less money.


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