KHA36-John Le Bon

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Date: May 21, 2015

Guest: John leBon from the Australian Roundtable


John leBon and Kay talked about:

The Australian government is in a big push to get every single Australian fully vaccinated.  The propaganda is on overload. As well, Australian laws have been passed to lock up people suspected of having an infectious disease.

Cancer is also a big money maker, and a cure was promised in 1980.  So where is it?  We suggest that we will never find a cure as too many different organizations are suckling form the cancer money tit.

We get to hear about the Sydney Siege hoax from a real Australian. How much of what we see of the Sydney Siege through videos and pictures were real?  Could the videos we viewed have been CGI meaning the videos were made ahead by a few programmers using a video editing software in anticipation of the hoax?

What type of government do we all really have?  It has been clearly shown that our elected official are not really the ones in charge.  Is America Democratic, fascist, state-ist or communist?



  • Thank you to Delcroix for producing  K Ham Radio, episode 36

22 thoughts on “KHA36-John Le Bon

  1. John le Bon

    Very late to post in here so apologies for my tardiness.

    Thanks to those who have left positive comments on this post regarding the show. I have conversed with a number of people from different groups over the past six months and for the most part I have found Fakeologist the easiest to talk to, which I suspect has something to do with their general ‘don’t let the media get you down’ philosophy.

    I am still on my own path – as we all are – in seeking out the truth but over the past few months I think it is fair to say I have begun heading more towards the Fakeologist direction than I had been previously and I see this as a positive thing.

    Many thanks to all involved for producing, hosting, listening to and reporting back on the show; I hope we can do it all again some time soon.

  2. delcroix

    “Let me finish me thought if you haven’t knocked it out of my head already”.

    LOL Thanks ab ,

    T’was a great show Kay and john .
    It’s a pleasure to participate in KHam Radio
    thanks Rollo and Brizer also

      1. Tal Shiar

        I was quite disappointed in your show and I will no longer be participating with you our your community! KHam, you know that my statements were taken out of context! Best of luck! Live long and in fear apparently! PEACE

        1. khammad Post author


          I am so sorry to hear you are disappointed in me, you must know that I meant no offense. Rarely do I find people who wish to harm on purpose. So when things get awkward, I usually assume miscommunication. I would love the chance to clear things up, for closure’s sake at least.

          Your posts always struck me as thoughtful and insightful and I will still look forward to future conversations.

          My best to you,


  3. Tom Dalpra

    Good listen.

    John bringing his Roundtable skills to the proceedings. He speaks with clarity and passion and encourages others to contribute. He appears to be one of the good guys.
    Masterly, yet respectful here, the young man with the older voice, appears to have opened K’s mind to the idea that The Earth might not be a ball. ( I tried, back on episode 7 ).

    Earth-bending radio.

    Been busy, but managed to catch that one. Enjoyed it.

    1. richard benedict

      @ Tom I wanted to complain to Ab about the obscene material and remarks you put on my post in the forum on re: John Lennon.


      Do you know how I can bring this to his attention as I do not see a contact tab. Also, sorry for posting here but my original post is not work friendly.

      I wonder what Ab thinks about such kind of behavior on your part? I would think you would be at least temporarily banned for talking like this to a member, who was polite and didn’t insult you in any way.

      BTW, it is ironic you mentioned Joan Baez and how you posted material on her promoting the military establishment at Clues forum. Look at the pic below. She was replaced too for exactly the reason you state. If I didn’t know any better, Tom, I would think you were testing me to see how much I know about the replacement game 😉

      The women with the soulful, dreamy eyes on the left is the real Joan Baez. The main difference is the eyes and the nose. Real Joan had grey eyes, widely set, and a nose without a crook. The replacement had very dark brown eyes, closely set, heavier eyelids, and a crooked nose.

      1. Tom Dalpra

        Haha, you are funny. You’re asking me, where to go, to complain about me?
        I don’t think I made any obscene remarks. If you think me calling your research bullshit, and you, Special Agent Dick Benedict , is obscenity, then my answer to that is: (as I’d say to my friends )
        ”Don’t be a cxnt”.

        I didn’t post material about Joan Baez on Cluesforum, Simon Shack posted a piece there, that I’d written, here. His endorsement meant something to me.

        Joan Baez, Eric Clapton and all The Beatles were replaced, according to you? John Lennon’s replacement did TV interviews complete with a rubber mask, yeh?

        Who else have you got? You might as well go out in style.

        You’re talking rubbish mate and there’s too many clued-in people around here for you to get away with it.
        Naughty Dick is on the naughty step, whether you like it or not.

        1. LennyLeverhulme

          I’m not sure who’s on the naughty step Tom. So far, most of your argument consists of ridicule and assertion. The nude John and Yoko photo, and your accompanying commentary, didn’t offend me a teensy bit but it might have others (I thought it was pretty funny actually, Tom, but a poor argument). While I’m not yet convinced about all the ‘celebrity replacements’ Richard’s proposed (on some of them: maybe, maybe not, need more evidence) I reckon his thesis, in general, is really quite sound, and entirely appropriate on a site devoted to fakeology.

          So I don’t happen to think what he’s saying is rubbish. It’s totally worth looking into. And I reckon if you took a poll, you’d find I’m not alone here either.

          See, I do think John Lennon and the other Beatles WERE replaced. I wish I were as certain of winning the (rigged) lottery.

          While the Lennon/silicon mask thing is inconclusive at this point, the idea itself is entirely tenable, and the method revealed a revelation. Richard’s case for the Doris Day substitution is, imho, also sound. Other celebrity/political replacements (Putin for example, and of course, Nelson Rockefeller) are going on around us all the time, from silicon masks to body doubles to CGI. It’s a big part of media fakery, and we need to wake up to it and understand how it works, which, imho, is all that Richard’s trying to do.

          I can only guess you’re taking this personally because you like Joan Baez: her music and stage persona. Being an accomplished musician yourself, maybe you have a lot invested in the music culture and its heroes, and the idea itself is unthinkable for you. Fair enough.

          But does that mean the rest of us should stop asking questions b/c it upsets Tom? Is that what you’re really saying? I hope not.

          1. Tom Dalpra

            Have no fear Len, you’re only second-guessing the others. You’re alright with it , you say, so we’re fine.

            I’ll carry on, thanks. You say what you want.

            John Lennon’s penis? You make me laugh.
            We’re talking about apparent hideous acts of murder on a daily basis here and you actually, seriously take some sort of issue with that John Lennon album cover joke I made ? Very silly.
            Is this faux prudery by proxy? I was ridiculing his bullshit. I’d rather have a laugh than get me knickers all in a twist.

            Have you led a sheltered life? In the field of music ‘celebrities’,
            I haven’t. I’ve been with rock stars. I’ve hung out with real people who are famous in music. It’s not an alien world to me. No big deal, it’s just that it’s naturally a specialist subject of mine, by experience. I have a real feel of it.

            Do you have any idea how ridiculously complicated the idea of replacing these people is? And why would you bother?
            What’s really tricky to replicate, I think, is the talent. These people are special – McCartney, Clapton?
            They have charisma and talent and a wealth of experience only they could have. You can’t and wouldn’t bother faking that, I don’t think. I don’t even really see a reason.

            People have cartilage in their noses and ears which will, not might change their face as they age.

            Richard Benedict offers nothing but conjecture. He has no evidence save John Lennon’s neck looking wrinkly.
            Lenny you say you ‘like to think the Beatles were all replaced’.
            What you like to think is all very well, but it’s not very scientific, is it?

            Joan Baez being replaced is a total joke. She’s done plenty well enough promoting fake nuclear weapons, as the dupe that she is, thank you very much. Why would you replace her?

            I don’t like bullshit, Lenny. That’s why I’m here.

        2. LennyLeverhulme

          “People have cartilage in their noses and ears which will, not might, change their face as they age.”

          Good point. I agree. The John Denver comparison, young and old, wasn’t convincing to me for that reason. I compare photos of myself, young and old, and a stranger would never know it was the same person. Better evidence than that is required.

          However, check out Paul McCartney’s earlobes from, say, a Hard Day’s Night and notice they’re attached to his skull. Check out post-66 Paul McCartney’s earlobes and you will see his earlobes are clearly unattached. Also, the shape and size of the face and the mouth are quite different: smaller in the first Paul guy, much bigger in the second.

          Compare and contrast before & after 1966 photos at Google Image using the search phrase “paul mccartney’s earlobes are different”. The url is too long to past here.

          These kind of changes CAN’T be explained by age, gravity or whatever. In fact, once you’re attuned to it, it’s hard not to notice they’re different blokes.

          There’s an entire forensic report done by some Italians comparing Paul (pre-66) and Faul (post) which came to the conclusion these are two different men. See:…

          Tina Foster did a programme with Ab, a while ago now, which is what renewed my interest in the whole thing again. Worth a listen.

          There’s also quite a long thread at cluesforum on the subject, which aroused the same disagreements as this thread has:
          “Strange stories of The Beatles”:

          And I don’t think I’m second guessing anybody. Didn’t say the majority agreed with me, only said I’m not the only guy here with this weird opinion.

  4. ab

    “Let me finish me thought if you haven’t knocked it out of my head already”.

    My favorite quote of the whole podcast. Del I really enjoy your vast experience in discussing fakeology, and John you are a tremendous speaker and if you are the future broadcaster of fakeology then we have nothing to worry about. I love listening to you speak and summarize and I am impressed with the rapidity of your fakeologist education. I look forward to speaking with you one-on-one. Great broadcast again K. Keep it up!

    1. Tal Shiar

      Hey Ab,

      Please remove me from your site! I no longer want to be part of your community! I have experienced homophobia from Del, lies by your boyfriend John, and I think that was the last straw! I wish you the best, but please remove me from your site!

      Kind Regards,

  5. khammad Post author

    You really are too kind gentlemen, thank you for the compliment.

    Jack33, let me know what kind of sh!# cracks you up, with out a live audience I can’t tell what got a laugh.

    1. Jack33

      Kham, I’ve listened to most, if not all of the shows ever posted on this site.
      For me to recall every instance when something you said made me laugh out loud would be nearly impossible. There are far too many.
      Your commentary is always delivered with the perfect amount of wit and sacasm.

      Just off the top of my head…I had a good laugh listening to you trying to figure out how to join ISIS.

      Good stuff.


      1. khammad Post author

        Ah yes, the ISIS quest. Never did find out how to apply.

        I guess, according to the media, teenage girls who are dumb enough to join ISIS, are also smart enough to find this hidden social media radicalizing site, that you or I or a set of skilled internetters cannot find. Hmmmmm

  6. Jack33

    Kham, your style is so relaxed and natural. And for me, you’re very easy to relate to.
    …Plus you crack me up a lot of the time with some of the sh!# you say.
    Keep up the good work….I enjoyed the show.



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