Audiochat – May 23, 2015

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Who? K, Videre, Derealium, Sami


Clues on Utoya


<:54:12> “videre”:…
<:56:33> “videre”: Anders Breivik Doesn’t Exist – He’s Fake Norway False Flag
<23:13:04> “khammad”:…
<23:19:38> “derealium”:…
<23:36:32> “derealium”:…
<23:40:23> “khammad”: brb jax
<00:10:01> “anonjedi2”: can you grant me talk access?
<00:31:36> “derealium”: got ur unicorn right here.…

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3 thoughts on “Audiochat – May 23, 2015

  1. misom

    Who ? Kham, Videre, Derealium, Sami
    What ? Oslo and Utoya events, Anders Behring Breivik, other current affairs

  2. UNreal


    on the topic of the Utøya Massacre, the perpetrator Anders Breivik might very well be CGI and some additional arguments outside the photographic inconsistencies would be that media very early on emphasized on his “parents” stories (to emphasize his “realness” ?). both of Breivik’s parents have strong links into the intelligence ‘milieu’ with his father being a ‘diplomat’ living abroad (very habitual cover for “agents”) and his mother being linked to the norwegian Lebensborn scandal of the babies born from the second world war of german-norwegian descent. Breivik’s mother died 22 march 66 years old of cancer (2013),,,

    another lead towards CGI is the very suspicious fact that news-media reported very early on that Breivik had undergone plastic surgery on his face “to become more aryan”,,, this seems like a very good story to propagate in order to make any image inconsistency look self-explanatory.


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